Monday, 18 January 2010

Welcome To My Blog

Well hello there all you Hello! Project fans. My name is Kira and welcom to my Blog.

Hopefully in this blog, i will voice my views on whats happening in Hello! Project and my reviews. Hopefully you'll all enjoy what i write and if you don't, well please comment and lets discuss. i'm always open to others views.

So how about i give tou a little bit about myself...

Well my name is Kira, short for Shakira but ever since "Shakira" the singer came out, i've been asked to shake like Shakira and whether or not my hips lie.....yeah so i'm gonna legally change it to Kira when i have enough money to do so.

I got into Hello! Project like so many others...I'm an anime fan. i was looking for the PV for Reason by Nami Tamaki after watching Gundam Seed Destiny, when You Tube suggested that i might like this video:

Well they were right. i found it quite interesting (QI - name of one of my favourite shows) so i looked into this group more.

I know what everyone says about wikipedia, that you shouldn't trust what's writen there, ut in my case, i found it a good source of information on Hello! Project. That site helped my find out that Koi no Jubaku was NOT Berryz Koubou's current single, that the are only 7 girls left in the group and the little one (Shimizu Saki) which i first thought was the youngest was actually the oldest and the one who i throught was the oldest member (Natsuyaki Miyabi) is actually the thrid youngest.

That was in Febuary 2009. I did manage to catch up pretty quickly with Berryz and at present, they are my favourite group in Hello Project. I decided to concentrate on the current groups (and Mano Erina) mainly because i'm a university student and i didn't have the time to go looking back through the past groups even tho i found a few songs that i like.

so my current ranking of Hello! Project's current groups are:

Berryz Koubou

Morning Musume




Shugo Chara Egg

Guardian's 4

Mano Erina

I know, i ranked C-ute second to last but that has to do with that monstrosity that i can only say really freaks me out even know if i mention it's name, which just thinking about it is doing right this minute (Ōkina Ai de Motenashite). no offence but i can not stand that song and once it's in my head it won't leave (DAMN IT, DAMN IT TO HELL). And as for Manoeri, well most of her songs are completely boring and i'm more a upbeat kinda girl....i love to dance.

Now as for my favourite members, i'll give the top 5

Shimizu Saki - i just wish she'd get a chance to shine more in Berryz singles, she's always in the back and as for Ryuusei Boy, never even got the chance to have a line with another member. I love the tone of her voice and she the best dancer in H!P

Takahashi Ai - her voice is just amazing...what more is there to say. she is THE voice of H!P

Natsuyaki Miyabi - again what an amazing voice, i think she's has the third best voice in H!P.

Maeda Yuuki - i think this girl has the talent and the drive to make it far. Looking though all of the H!P Eggs, she's the most used out of the lot. i'm so glad that S/Mileage is debuting this yeah, She deserves it.

Kamei Eri/ Niigaki Risa - i love their personalities and their voices and i think that out of all the 6th gen momosu, Eri should be more in front then Reina, and so should Gaki-san, their oth better singers then Reina needs-to-use-a-brush Tanaka.

I might as well tell you know, but i absolutely can not stand Sugaya Risako, i think she's the lasiest singer AND dancer in H!P. Yes, she is beautiful, but beauty can only do so much.

So hopefully (really gotta stop using that word) you haven't been scared away from me. If you have, i am truely sorry, if not, welcome.


Currently Listening: Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai -Berryz Kouou