Monday, 5 December 2011

End of Year Polls.

I'm sorry that i can't make this more interesting but my cousin's computer chair is really uncomfortable and giving me a really bad backache.


In the side bar to the right, I have placed a number of polls.

The polls are:

Stand Out Member - モ (minus 9th and 10th gens), ベ, キ, マス (minus 2nd) Both Aichan and Sakitty are included
Stand Out Newcomers - Pick your top 3 members. 10th gen included as they have been active since they were announced and Kosuga Fuyuka is not included as she has not been apart of any performances
Best single - Song, Dance, PV and Costume, this includes Please Miniskirt Postwoman

And just to help you all remember who the newcomers are and what the songs were i will post them after the jump.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

30 Day Idol Challenge: Days 5 - 8

Sorry i missed a few days. I'm just gonna do the ones that i missed now along with today's one.

Day 5: Favourite Group?

I blame their music for that. It was their music that got me hooked. I liked what i heard and i loved what i saw and just became hooked on them.

Day 6: Favourite Unit?

High-King. This unit features my most loved and most disliked members of H!P. But i absolutely love this unit. It has the best dancers in H!P and the best vocalists as well, not to mention it was the second unit to feature an Egg who was/still is as cute as a button.

I love the songs given to this group, C/C (Cinderella Complex), Kioku no Meiro, Destiny Love and the cover song, Diamonds, i even love watching them perform them too.

I'm hoping that that Tsunku doesn't mess this group up now that Aichan and Yuukarin are gone (i know Yuuka hasn't left yet but she never going to get the chance to perform with them again now is she?!), I'm hoeing that if he does decide to being this group back, he'll add Meimei (just for the cute factor) and either Ishida or Haruka. Ishida for her dancing and Haruka for her vocals. I really don't want Riho there because i feel that she needs to learn to put some soul into her singing.........and this group only needs one attention seeking whore and Tanaka has that spot.

Day 7: Favourite couple/duo?

There are plenty of duos in H!P but i guess that i would go with AiGaki. I think it's because of how long they have been together that i choose them. They were like the big sister and mother of MM and when Aichan graduated, i could feel how hard it was for them to say goodbye. It was the most emotional Graduation I've seen since I've become a fan.

It's going to be weird not seeing Ai in MM and when Gaki decided that it's time for her to go (or when management tell her to go), it will be another hard graduation on Sayu.

Day 8:Favourite Voice?

I couldn't decide between Ai, Linlin, Miya, Chisa and Yuuka. All of them are different and i love them all. Granted 3/5 are not my favourite members but i have ranked them all high when it comes to vocals.

Aichan's vocals are amazing and will be sorely missed, linlin was extremely underused but when it was used, she blew me away, Miyabi is the voice of Berryz and the most consistent during lives, Chisato is finally being pushed for the powerhouse that she is and Yuuka has the most cutest vocals but is able to keep up with Ai and Tanaka i High-King. It would have been nice to of had these singers in a group together but I'm hoping that Chisa and Miya get to sing a duet together soon.


The Voice You Dislike?

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 4: If the Idol was a boy, who would be your boyfriend?

I'm not sure why i picked Maasa, but i think out of all the current members, Maasa who be the best as when it was her time on HPT and she went to Akihabara with Risako, she dressed up as a boy and i thought she looks so handsome as a boy.


Favorite Group?

30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 3: If you were a boy, who would be your girlfriend?

This was a hard one but i chose Captain because on a recent show that berikyuu was on, Miya told us about Captain's phone voice and they proceeded to do a demostration of a typical phone call and i absolutly LOVE LOVE LOVE how cute her voice was then. So if i was a boy, i would want to hear my girlfriend speak that cute to me on the phone.

Plus she's tiny. I love tiny girls (minus Momoworld)


If the Idol was a boy, who would be your boyfriend?

30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 2:The Idol You Hate/Dislike

I was unable to update yesterday due to my Laptop deciding that it's had enough of me. Just when the internet finally stops being a pain.

I don't hate her i just don't have any feelings towards her. I find her character confusing and her dress sense at time verging on slutty. I'm also not a big fan of her vocals and hair style.

I can take her vocals during group songs because than i can focus on other girls but when it's just her i can't take it.

Not to mention that I'm also not a big fan of some of fans (actually I'm not a big fan of fans who can't take it when someone does not like their favourite idol. I like to explain myself because i feel that you need to justify why you either like/dislike something/one. I just don't like people for the sake of it. for instances, I dislike the colour pink, peas, broccoli and anything else green but i love Chisato, Sayumi  and Risa and i like Yurina and Airi, just because i have a hatred for those colours doesn't mean i hate the idols who has them as member colours.)


If you are or were a boy, who would be your girlfriend?

Sunday, 27 November 2011

30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 1: Your Favourite Idol

I've been planning on doing this for a while but......I've been lazy. So while i can only manage to load like 1 picture before my Internet connection decides that it wants to be an ares and take forever to do anything, I'll start.

So my favourite idol is......

Saki Shimizu, Captain of Berryz Koubou and the cutest 20 yr old i have ever seen.

After my fascination with Momoworld finished, she was the second member of Berryz that i saw and i fell for her. I'm not sure what it was that made me take to her but she has become my NO#1 member of H!P. She is also the only member of H!P that i own a Photo Book of.

Tomorrows Question is....

The Idol You Hate/Dislike.

By the way. Please support Airiindeshou DVD Donation Project.

If you have been watching any of the TPF subs, you'll know Airiindeshou as one of the members who works on their releases. This project to to get H!P DVD's, mainly concerts, out to us international fans around the day they are released. All money raised will go to the purchase of these DVD's and the DVD's will become the prise for contests to those who have donated $5 and over (about £3.23). Personally, i don't usually do this donating thing but considering how expensive it is for these DVD's and Blue-Rays are plus shipping, I'm willing to support this as my budget is so small that by the time i want to but one of these DVD's, I've run out of money.

Please go to this blog as it also has downloads for loads of other past concerts plus download links for various TV spots that our girls have been on.

Thank you for listening to my request. The link above is for the Q&A about this project.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Please Miniskirt Postwoman? I want more of this.

I can't believe i'm writing this while completely exhausted. My fault reall for not getting enough sleep due to watching the MBCMS event on Nicox2 at 4 in the morning (and i had to look after my aunts shop for 8 hours as well).

Anyways, a few days ago, S/mileage staff uploaded a rehearsal video for their new single Please Miniskirt Postwoman and i'm really excited about this single.

This single marks the offical debut for 2nd gen and the last for Yuukarin. It's released on the same day as Kikkawa You's new single Konna Watashi de Yokattara on December 28th, 3 days before Yuukarin graduates beaning a nice friendly battle between former eggs and Yuukarin not being able to celebrate with the girl when the weekly ranking comes in.

Ok, So obivious this is a rehearsal, REMEMER THAT!!!! They will get better with more practice.

The song is, in my opinion, is their best to date. It's catchy, super cute and keep with the S/mileage theme of putting a smile on your face. The line distrubution is quite fair i'd say. Cinderella, Meimei and Takechan get the most lines and i have to say that both Meimei (who is growing on me) and Takechan are the stand outs. It's quite obvious that management is pushing Meimei and here is where i fell that she deserves it. She fits the s/mileage image perfectly even if she does scares the living daylights out of me. Her singing has improved greatly, she's learned to tone down her projection while improving her tone and pitch.

Takechan is a surprise for me. What i mean is, while she is the best singer and dancer out of 2nd gen, i thought that we'd have another Riho/Fukuchan situation (where Fukuchan is the most experienced and overall better talent, Riho is getting all the promotion), expecting management to push Kanana a bit more, but this is good. She's a strong singer, something S/mileage has been missing since Sakitty left.

Kanana only gets one solo line and i'm quite thankful for that as she is the weakest singer in the group. She has improved but i still think that she should have either beed left as a sub member or demoted to the eggs.

Katsuta is forgetfull. I completely forget what she sounds like as soon as she's finished her solo lines. Another girl that should not have been promoted.

Yuukarin doesn't get as many lines in this single as she usually does, this is mainly due to her leaving soon. a few people have commented on youtube about her not singing as much and i think that it's fair as mamagement need to distrubute her line between the other girls and the less lines she has the less of a problem it'll be.

I'm loving the DAWA/Meimei combo. It's cuteness overload and having this combo in the beginning, middle and end of the song means you can't escape these Fang Toothed Wacky Cuties or Team Fang as i will mow call them.

This single has the most complicated dance routine S/mileage has ever had but it fits the song so well. I especially like Team Fang's parts and when they all sing "Please, Please". Unfortunately Kanana is the worst in this video as she is all over the place and forgets the dance. But she's not the only one. If you take your eyes away from her, you will see that Yuuka, Meimi and Rina alson mess up a bit but not as badly. you have to give her a chance as she is the member with the lease dance experience and she has said that she struggles with learning the dances.

This video was posted on monday and their first perfoemance was dueing the event yesterday. This video was made when they just learnt the dance so judging from the timeline (Oct 16th - Promotion of Sub-members and single announcement - Nov 23rd MBCMS event), they have had to learn the song, have singing lessons on the song, record the song, learn the dance and perfect the dance with heels while doing rehearsals, performances and interviews for MBCMS and rehearsals for the upcoming H!P winter tour. Kanana didn't mess up during the live from what i could see which means she got 10x better.


With the exception of Shortcut stage and Pig song costumes, S/mileage never disappoints. I'm loving this costume. it's clear where UFA spend their money.

I'm really excited for this single and can not wait till were get a view of the PV. Hopefully it's better than Tachiagirl's PV (Which is an utter pile of shit)

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Happy 20th Birthday Captain

So i've forgotten a whole load of birthdays lately but how could i forget Captain's? Of course i couldn't.

Unfortunatly, what i wanted to post, i can't due to a certain broadband provider (TalkTalk) not giving the broadband speed that they promised and i really don't want to wait a week for anything to upload so as soon as i have this problem sorted, i will get back to posting the things that i want to post in the way that i want to post them.

so untill then, i'll leave you with this

2009 Spring Sakura wa Raku sa with Miyabi

Friday, 11 November 2011

Morning Musume – 9th and 10th Gen, Aichan’s long awaited Departure, Aika’s Injury

When 9th gen entered, I don’t think I mentioned my first impressions of them, so I’ll say it now and add my new thoughts on the girls.
Fukumura Mizuki, 4th gen egg (3 yrs experience) – pretty girl but I didn’t really know who she was. I knew she replaced Yuuka as Amulet Heart in Shugo Chara Egg but that was all I knew about her. Since joining, she carries herself really elegantly and is very soft spoken and respectful. Her voice is the best out of all 9th gen. I quite like her I just wish she would loosen up a bit more in interviews like when she’s on HPT with the other 9th gen members.

Ikuta Erina – The KY member and AKB fan. She looked so nervous and incredibly awkward when she joined. I did feel sorry for her from all the crap she was getting for being an AKB fan. Since joining, she’s lost her nervousness but still has her awkwardness which I find really endearing. But boy can this girl chat. I watched her E-Hello DVD and majority of the DVD was her chatting away. She’s a very pretty girl and I can see her and Sayu stalking the other members as time goes by.

Sayashi Riho – a pretty and very talented girl, was the obvious choice for 9th gen. I didn’t really take to her. Since joining, she’s still low on my rankings but that’s mainly due to my habit of refusing to like what is shoved in my face. I do feel that her promotion is a little over the top especially since the only thing she’s done to deserve it is just be there. Yes she is talented but singing wise, her voice gets on my nerves and she looks a little smug. Don’t get me wrong, I think that she works very hard and has improved quite a lot. She is a very talented dancer and MM needs strong dancers but vocally, she’s nowhere near ready to be getting solo’s. If anyone out of 9th gen is ready for solo’s its Mizuki.

Suzuki Kanon – the girl with the biggest smile. My initial reaction to her was that she was a happy child. Since joining, every time I see her or see a picture of her, I can’t help but smile. She has the most personality out of all MM and her bug impressions have me in stitches every time. Her vocals have developed greatly and I can see her having a lot of power in the future. The only thing I’m worried about is her weight. I’m not knocking her weight, I think she’s healthy but management are treating her like they treat Maasa and Risako, by covering her up more to hide the fact that she is a little bigger than the other girls. But I don’t see her losing it anytime soon, especially with the way she eats.

When 10th gen auditions were announce, I wasn’t really surprised. UFA knew that 9th gen wasn’t up to taking over Aichan vocally and that in order to start a proper come back to their original theme (the constant additions and graduations that the group is known for) they had to look for more girls ASAP.

The girls chosen to go through to training camp were incredibly talented and this audition had me on the edge of my seat wondering who Tsunku and UFA (come on now, who exactly still thinks that Tsunku has the final say on who joins?) were going to pick. So when the announcement finally came, I was very pleased for all the girls that made it.

Iikubo Haruna, The model – incredible beautiful young lady and her age bridges the gap between Aika and Fukuhime. I can already see her taking over as the fashionable Musume. I’m hoping that UFA will try to continue with her modelling as it is a good way for them to not only promote her but also MM.

Ishida Ayumi, Dorothy Little Happy back dancer – A ready-made idol. I think she is an amazing dancer, better than Riho. Her singing needs work but at this stage, she has more skill in singing then Riho did when she auditioned. She’s going to get pushed quite quickly. I hope that maybe UFA could get together with DLH’s agency and maybe do either a collaboration event or single as that could not only gain MM new fans but also promote DLH more.

Satou Masaki, No experience – The H!P fan. During the auditions she didn’t look very confident but she was the most improved girl in that audition and deserves to join for that reason. Having someone that actually listens to criticism and improves on weak point quickly is a really good thing as UFA can mould her into anything they want. She’s more nervous than Eripyon was and is so quite. Hopefully she can overcome this and shine as the only current member from Hokkaido, something she should be proud of as the other members who came from there did great in and out the group.

Kudo Haruka, 9th gen Egg (1 yr experience) – Officially THE youngest girl to join MM age the tender age of 11. Experience wise, Ayumi has it but vocally, Kuduu has it. Her voice is like velvet on the ear. Within a few years she should be at Aichan level IF UFA invests properly. She is the girl the MM needed to replace Aichan due to her vocals, all that’s left is for UFA to actually use her more than they use Riho.

Overall I think 9th gen had the right impact on MM giving them a renewed fight and some desperately need new blood, Talent wise, not that good in the vocal areas and dance could be strong. Personality wise, it’s the strongest since Koha. 10th gen has the talent but I still need to see them show their personalities. I’ll need a little more time to do a proper ranking because I really don’t like to rank girls that have just joined but right now I would say:

1. Zukki

2. Sayu

3. Gaki

4. Eripyon

5. Fukuhime

6. Kuduu

7. (Joint) Ishida, Iikubo, Satou

10. Riho

11. (Joint) Mitsu, Tanaka

On to Aichan’s graduation.

When she announced that she was leaving, I wasn’t very shocked but I was wondering if UFA really thought that the 9th gen were strong enough to fill the hole that Aichan would leave. I knew that she had to go in order for MM to start fighting again but I was hoping that it would be next year not this year. It still doesn’t feel right watching the new MoBeKiMaSu PV without Aichan taking lead. It feels wrong somehow having Tanaka being the lead in that single. It’s going to be so weird from now on.

Her final concert was a perfect tribute to her. Yes Mr Moonlight wasn’t the best choice to start the concert but it was the first ever song she released with the group and is a big crowd pleaser and the costumes were exquisite. Her ceremony was very emotional. I really felt for Risa, Sayu, most of 9th gen and the fans as she was a real jewel that deserved everything she got. She will be sorely missed.

Aika. Aika, Aika , Aika, Aika.

Poor girl. Never really stood out and now is off sick with a bum foot. This is not meant to sound mean but I really think she should graduate now. Taking nearly 7 months off is something not heard of for a member of an idol group. Most girls with serious injuries leave the group as to not hold them back. But to be honest, I haven’t really missed the girl.

If it was Reina than yeah I could see how UFA would be trying to keep her as she is a front girl. Same goes for Sayu as she is MM’s most popular member and I can’t see them getting rid of her for now. But Aika hasn’t done anything. She hasn’t shown us why Tsunku choose only her out of the 8th gen auditions. Both Koha and Konkon showed everyone why they deserved to have been chosen.

I wish Aika a speedy recovery but I’m waiting for her graduation announcement although i know that it will be Gaki next.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Just had to share this


It's just my friend (Esti) told me that she was in this video. She the girl standing in the background in the big blue dress (Which she made herself.).

Esti told me that they were giving them the evil eye when they were doing this, instead of either telling them to move or, like Esti told me, there was a water feature near them which would have been better.

So Esti didn't know who Beckii Cruel was.......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

so i told her...............(cantdancecantsinghadbriefcareerasanidolinjapan)

What she told me was this

"Is she for real? they can't even dance. I just thought they were some of those little school kids that stand in a corner at Expo doing they imitations at dancing"


Honestly, the best thing about this video is how Esti and her friends are completely oblivious to what’s going on and are taking pictures of each other.

The actual dance is quite shoddy. Yes she does say that they haven't practiced much but that’s just wrong. Their timing is way WAY off and the only time they were in sync was when they froze.

And here is Esti in her costume.

Monday, 31 October 2011

S/mileage – Additions and Subtraction

Well as the title says, I will be talking about S/mileage here.

To me, S/mileage represented the future of H!P. They hold the hope that all those talented Eggs will be used and the potential that the marketing team behind H!P has to promote not only the S/mileage girls but H!P as a whole.

Their image has a distinct theme, the group with the shortest skirts in Japan. Their music, although not my cup of tea, is Catchy and cute and the fact that they are polished performers (by polished, I mean that they could be crying their hearts out and still sing and dance on cue) is another reason to love these girls.

So when it was announce that UFA would be looking for girls who can add what is missing to this group was a huge kick in the teeth, not only to the girls but also to us fans. To me, the only thing missing from this group was promotion (which also happens to be the main problem with UFA anyway), so i kept thinking “why not just look to the eggs if you think something is missing? Adding random girls who have no training to a group that perform like idols 10-15 yrs older than them is stupid” nothing would convince me that this is they right move for this group.

So they streamed the auditions live on Niconico Douga and i see quite a few girls that have that polished feel that wouldn’t hinder the group and a few girls that H!P should take on as eggs since the eggs seem to be getting smaller and smaller these days. On to another live streaming, this time from the training camp and again, with the exception of the 3 eggs that made it through, the other girls looked like candidates for future eggs, I was getting a little excited to see the girls that want to debut but i kept thinking “these girls are not ready to join S/mileage”.

When the day came to finally hear who passed, i was quite disappointed in the selection and the term used for these girls.

Katsuta Rina, 7th gen Egg (2yrs experience) – a pretty girl but the only thing that stood out to me about her was her experience as an egg

Kosuga Fuyuka, no experience – has that intelligent look to her but she resembles DAWA too much for me and I’m not talking about her looks.

Nakanishi Kana, No experience – pretty smile but didn’t stand out to me, I actually had to look her up in the auditions just to find out what she sounded and danced like.

Tamura Meimi, Played Yuiki Yaya in the Shugo Chara Musical so knew 3/4 members of S/mileage before auditioning (all members of Shugo Chara Egg were in the musical though only Kanyon and Yuukarin had roles) – this girl stood out from the very beginning mainly for her projection. I felt that she might be a good addition for the group just for the power she has when projecting.

Takeuchi Akari, 4th gen Egg (3yrs experience), Yajima Maimi’s cousin – Akari stood out as the egg most likely to debut. She can sing and dance and wouldn’t need to feel that awkward feeling that people get when talking to her senpais due to them being eggs together.

My reaction after hearing that these girls got though was still "meh" but i was excited for the 2 eggs that go in until i re-read the title of all the blog posts that was coming in. WTF is with the SUB member thing?

No offence but adding the term Sub is basically another way of saying that they weren’t sure that this was the right decision. And to that I agree, although I didn’t agree with this whole process and what bloggers were comparing to the system that AKB has when different members are selected to be a part of a single.

Then the shocker came. All this was to find a replacement for one of the original members, Ogawa Saki.

Sakitty was going to graduate 4 days after the graduation announcement.

Now i agree that school is important and that without an education, you have no back up plan, something that has been drilled into me since I was a kid. What I don’t agree with is the way Saki graduated.

In the past, with the exception of the eggs, whenever a member decided to graduate, they got a graduation ceremony. The only members not to get a ceremony were the ones who were involved in a scandal. So for Saki to not get the standard ceremony at the end of a concert was not only shocking but had a bad taste to it.

So the “true” reason for the rushed audtition was to replace Saki? I still don’t buy it and i don’t think i ever will. No matter what the reason for her departure is, as long as it wasn’t a scandal, she deserved a graduation ceremony as one of the founding members of S/mileage.

The next departure was Kosuga. Due to Illness she had to leave. The decision to place her in the eggs was a welcomed one for me because it should have been made since the announcement of the new members. All i can say is Have a speedy recovery Fuuchan.

October 16th...........Happy 26th Birthday Kira. Shame your bad luck started then. And Wow, All 4 Sub members became full member, the 2nd most disappointing thing to happen to S/mileage. At least 2 of the girls should have been demoted to the eggs. And WTF was Tsunku thinking when he was placing Kanyon in the sub members? I know she has a great sense of hummer but still, mess with DAWA, not Kanyon. Anyway, i’m glad that Takechan became a full member, this means that both the 4th Gen Eggs, Fukumura and Takeuchi, have not only graduated from the eggs but have both debuted in the same year.

Now onto more upsetting news.

Maeda Yuuka is to Graduated on New Years Eve.


Again education IS important. AGAIN it’s another graduation without a ceremony.

What is with H!P and not giving these irls who have spent the last 7 years of their lives not only doing everything they have been told to do by UFA but also entertaining us with their talents, looks and personalities?

Yuukarin is S/mileage’ and one of H!P’s most popular member having been apart of numerous units and Sakitty had one of the best voices in H!P and with a few more years, could rise to the height that former MM and H!P leader Takahashi Ai had. It’s still shocking that the OG S/mileage members are dropping like flies. It seems to me that the audition has shaken up this group both for the better in terms of the OG’s roles and personalities coming out more and for the worst.

Since Saki left, I’ve seen another side to the girls. Kanyon has been getting better at self promoting and has been teaching the new members how to introduce themselves, Yuukarin has been showing a motherly side to her and DAWA has finally decided to become a leader. I’m glad that the girls have improved greatly but i still can’t help but think how all of these sudden changes to the group have also affected them negatively but i hope that they can pull through this and not lose fans.

It might be just because of her teeth.....and eyes.....and her forehead.....okay it's her whole look that scares me. I think she need a frigne....
i know my photo shop skills are bad but i think she's a lot ess scary looking with a frigne. What do you Think?

PS:A youtuber named ShugoCharaUniverse has uploaded the whole musical. It's not subbed but if you've watched the anime (season 1 only) then you can gather that they are saying.....sort of. and i think that Meimei dyed her hair for that role because her hair looks more real that some of the other characters with different colloured hair.

I'm Back

Hi all. Long time no see. I’m so so sorry that i haven’t updated but I’ve just been really, really busy recently and really couldn’t seem to get my words together enough to post anything. So it’s taken me to get the flu to finally find the time to sit down and get all my thoughts together.

It’s going to take me a while to voice my opinion on all that has happened while i’ve been gone, so I’m just going group everything into topics and post them like that.

And the topics are:

- S/mileage – Additions and Subtractions

- Morning Musume – 9th and 10th Gen, Aichan’s Long awaited Departure, Aika’s Injury

- Things that have been Annoying/entertaining me

- Recent singles and albums

Hopefully i can start to do regular posts around the new year.

Once again, to all my readers, I an truely sorry for not posting and i will try my best to get back into the swing of things.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Hello Again

Sorry again for not posting anything in a while, i’ve been busy with my life outside of the internet plus a 2 week holiday to Jamaica where it rained like clockwork at 2pm everyday i was there, well at least it was hot and not cold like it is here in London.

Anyways, i always had the feeling that something big was happening in H!P during my 2 week absent from the anything to do with a computer (shame about the TV tho, i have no idea how all you Americans can watch a program out there with the amount of advert breaks during a program, it's completly annoying)and what happenes, not only are PV's released but Tsunku announces that he wants to add new members to S/mileage.
I'll comment more on everything later cos i'm kinda hungry and my body clock is still still 6hrs behind at the monemt and it's dinner time in JA now.
Oh before i forget, i changed the blog again, it was getting too dark for the time of year.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Quick Update


I've been really really busy and haven't had much time to update the blog. I will be bcak as soon i've come back to some sort of balance so please be patient with me.

I'm hoping to start blogging again sometime in June . . . . . . hopefully if all goes well.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Dream5 Upcoming Mini Album DAYS

Avex Group, Dream5, will be releasing a mini album titled DAYS, which will be out on the 4th May 2011 and i must say that this group just gets better and better.

If you remember, i did a post about this group at the beginning of this year when i first came into contact with them (Dream5 Who Are They?) and on another post, i gave you all some download links for their recent single, Koi no Dial 6700 and their mini album, RUN TO THE FUTURE (Password is Dream5).

Now the sings on their first album were great, i especially loved We Are Metu Challenger and Tabidahchi no Uta.

The Track list for DAYS features their recent singles, Koi no Dial 6700 and Bokura no Natsu. As for the new songs, they have another cover song, again it's a Finger5 song, Gakuen Tengoku, and 3 original songs, Dandan GROW UP, Arigatou Kimi ni Todoke tai Melody and Shunka Shuutou. There are 2 versions, a CD only and one with a bonus DVD.

The DVD contains music video's for Bokura no Natsu, Koi no Dail 6700 and Gakuen Tengoku. Plus dance shots for Gakuen Tengoku, Dandan GROW UP and Shunka Shuutou with a Making of Gakuen Tengoku PV.

After the Jump, i'll post some video's that Avexchannel has posted for this album.

Please support this group, their young and extremly talented and deserve our support.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Such a Shame What a Bad Mood can do to a Song

I decided to give SKE48 another chance to make me think of them as a completely different unit away from AKB48, i.e, i currently think of them as AKB rejects scrounging off of AKB's success. Sorry but that's my opinion and so far they haven't proved me wrong yet.

So i decided to open my mind a bit more to them with their latest single and after what seemed like a life time, but in reality it was only a minute, i finally clicked on that X and tried not to be sick.

I then proceeded to listen to the other songs that were released that same week as SKE by artist that i've heard of and the same thing happened, i could only get through like 1 minute of their songs. Which got my thinking, "Why am i being so negitive towards these songs?" There's nothing rong with them, with few exceptions (SKE still hasn't changed my views on them, it might have gotten worst though). They're fun, bright and happy songs that should make people smile. So why isn't it makeing me smile?

Looking through my iTunes collection, i looked at my most played songs this past week, and to my surprise, all the songs have had some sort of sad/angry/enpowering element to them. Songs like (going to get really cheesey here) Steps - Deeper Shade of Blue, N'SYNC - Bye Bye Bye, Boys II Men - End of the Road, AKB48 Himawari gumi - Confessions, C-ute - Aitai Lonely Christmas, Kara - Break It, En Vogue - Free Your Mind, Beyonce - Ring the Alarm. This got me thinking (really bad thing to do), Can you really be open to new songs/experiences if your not in the right mood?

My pervious dabbles with SKE before this was with their last single 1!2!3!4! YOROSHIKU!. Again, i slated it. But looking to the fact that right now, while trying to listen to their latest release, i'm really not in the mood for a genki idol song, made me think that i might have been in that same mood that time before.

Looking at my diary from October/November, a number of things happened than in my personal life that affected the type of songs i was listening to then. Morning Musume's Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Song reached out to me in regards to how i was feeling about the opposite sex at that time and i recieved it warmly with open arms.  Berryz Koubou's Shining Power sort of made me confused and irritated and very hungry, That song didn't really get me listening to it untill after christmas. Scandal's songs seemed to hit me hard and i had them on repeat quite a bit than.

That time, it was a really ruff time for my what with break up's and plans being cancelled and this stupid government and what nots that it made it hard for me to really listen to anything remotly happy. This time, i'me feeling really isolated from my friends and my life in general and thats having a negitive effect on the type of songs i'm listening to.

Even songs that usually make me happy, like Guru Guru Jump, Koi no Jubaku, Dance de Bakoon, Shoujo wa manatsu ni nani wo suru? (apparently one of 2 SKE songs that i can listen to without wanting to press the skip button after 5 seconds) and Smile Bijin, have made me want to skip then. On the upside, Arashi and Hey! Say! Jump! have helped push my mood forward. Funny really. I don't really listen to boy bands.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Maji Desu ka Ska! PV

A youtuber has kindly pieced together Morning Musume.s Maji desu ka ska! PV for everyone. I kinda knew that this could/would happen what with the various previews and radio rips out there.

The you tube account is Dsnrcg.

Remember that this isn't offical yet. It's just what a fan has put together.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

March Releases/Orders/Events Postponed

Just thought i'd post this from CDJapan's Twitter.

On Tuesday 15th March 2011, said:
Hi everyone. As our country is going through a serious hardship, record companies began to inform us that they are postponing the new releases to come out in March until later in April. By taking this measure, they hope all resources we have for transportations may be used to help the efforts to reach out to people in the devastated regions. We are in the process of collecting accurate information. Once we have all details, we'll make an announcement on our site.

H!P have also either cancelled or postponed all events as well.

On a plus, AKB's theatre is up and running and will begin activites later this month. i managed to donate a total of £6.41 (gift aided £5) to the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal. All Donations go the Japan Red Cross. If you live in the UK, you can donate here

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cuca-chan's alright

Cuca-chan and her family are alright. They have posted up her latest dance covers for Berryz Herione and have added this message



Which says (thanks to Google Translate)

Everyone was affected by the earthquake, I would like sincere sympathy.

Dear East, Please do your best!
First video is with her extremely cute little brother, the second is just her


Please keep Japan in your prays today

Friday, 11 March 2011

My Prays are with you all.

Just want to say that my thoughts prays are with Japan and the surrounding areas at this moment in time.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Hello, I'm LunaLupus. Kira kindly invited me here, so here I am. A little introduction is in order, and I'll try to keep it short.

My name is slightly based on Sailor Moon. It means "Moon Wolf". Sailor Moon introduced me to the wider world of anime, and J-Pop. Morning Musume was relatively new, and I didn't really like them at that point. About 8 years later, I started watching Shugo Chara. I enjoyed the songs, and was impressed by the positive lyrics. I then discovered a Buono album on iTunes, and planned to buy it the next month. Fortunately, they removed it before I could. You see, I found an album with multiple H!P songs, which led to my becoming a fan of multiple H!P idols. Currently, I'm also a fan of many non-H!P idols, and some groups/singers that aren't idols.

I actually found Kira's blog because of Dream5. I posted a comment, and thought that was that. I started "promoting" Dream5 in what small way I could, and by linking this blog. Kira happened to see me promoting them, and now I'm writing for her blog. I may not write too often, but I hope what I do write will be somewhat interesting.

Blog Update

The main update to this blog really is that there will be a new member. His name Is LunaLupus and i'll Let him Introduce himself when he's ready. I just thought i should let you all know and i hope you all welcome him.

Other unrelated news (well unrelated to site updates really), Berryz, yesterday, received a Daily #1 on the Ocicon charts with over 5000 copies sold. That was a jump from 9th Place to 1st place than it dropped back down to 7th today (Today as in Tuesday. I'm a night owl or as my gran says a dirty stop out. So right now it's gone 1.20am on Wednesday.) And Captain wrote that in her blog and thanked everyone. I know it only a daily and all but it's still great that they can reach that position. Lets hope that their management and marketing teams do more for their next single to make that a more permanent thing and not a one off.

well thats all for now. Must go back to going whatever real life demands of me next (hopefully nothing to do with blood or horror)

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Who's the better dancer?

New Poll up.

I was watching the recent PV from C-ute and Berryz, and to me, the best dancers are Maimi, Nakky, Captain and Momoworld (not in that order tho) But i couldn't decide who out of Risako and Maimai was the weakest.

Since it seems that C-ute doesn't have a dance shot for Kiss Me, I'll use their Last single as a reference.

(shouldn't really post this again)

Buono! DVD MAGAZINE Vol.1 6/8

Chisato Vs Mai (Subtitled)

ヒロインになろうか!(Dance Shot Ver.) - Berryz工房

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Just to clear some things up

Reading comments on Berryz new pv, a lot of people are comparing EVERYTHING to Lady Gaga



 It seems people have forgotten about decades like tthe 60's with flower power and free love

the 70's with disco

and 80's glam pop/rock

and lets not forget the style icon Grace Jones, who is the ORIGINAL.

This lady is 62 and STILL rocking her individual style

You can not deny that Gaga is just a copy of the icon.  Top models like Tyra Banks have commented on what this woman has done for fashion.

Now this

 Is just insanity


Anyway. I think the reason why Berryz are dressed like that

Is because they are going to American for Sakura Con. This is a good way to show the american fans that UFA are attempting to get in touch with us western fans, and by copying Lady Gaga, or more like paying hommage to her, is a way of getting their name accross.

Now no offence to any Gaga fans out there, but i've never been a big fan of hers and the moment i started paying an interest in her, Grace's name came up. Since than, i've been a firm belever that Gaga is trying, and successfully failing at, copying her innovative fashion.

Granted that most of the girls look ok in this style (Momo needs more make up. it looks like they forgot about her and had to rush her styling .... again) But i think that this adds to the PV. I think that they should of had the girls dancing in these costumes, becoming the (excuse the pun) "heroine"'s  they talk about.

If your going to compare these girls to Gaga, remember a few things
  1. Lady Gaga is insane. Remember, she turned up to the Grammys in an egg and the MTV VMA'a in a Meat dress.
  2. No one has ever refered to the BK girls as having Man parts (that i know of)
  3. Their music is completely different
  4. Berryz has Tsunku and UFA production staff for their music while Lady Gaga dose her own thing
Keeping those in mind, UFA have done a great job creating a PV that is different to what's out there at the moment with their limited PV budget.