Wednesday, 29 September 2010


So i'm sat at work, bored out of my head and decided to check out what posts International Wota has recommended. I stumbled upon Sora to Kujira. So, being bored and the shop being empty due to local council being pooheads and kissing Tesco's (a major supermarket) butthole, i started to read some of his posts.

One post got me really thinking (well 2 but this one got me really thinking), it was his post on his J/K-pop confessions. So i'm going to share with you all of mine.

(Please don't hate)
  1. just realised that i found Aitakatta by AKB48 at the same time as Berryz
  2. i secertly like Risako, Maimi and Sayumi but for different reasons
  3. boy bands piss me off in general but i'll still listen to their music
  4. my favourite song currently on my iPod is Iiwake Maybe
  5. even tho i think their songs are generally shit, i still listen to C-ute and AKB songs
  6. Aichan, Reina and Sayumi need to be the ones graduating from MM not Eri, Linlin and Junjun
  7. i think Ai Takahashi and Airi Suzuki are overratted
  8. when i eventually found out that Aitakatta was an AKB song, i just couldn't be arsed to learn about them
  9. really can't be arsed to learn about K-pop
  10. i spend way to much time now watching anime now than actually researching AKB and other j-pop artist
  11. my first thought about AKB was that the belonged to H!P and that they were some kind of training school
  12. i thought (and still think) Japanese idols are in legalised pedo ring
  13. untill the shipping charges fall to a price that is good for those (like me) who reli on handouts to buy the things they want, that i will continue to download aisan music from file sharing sites. (i did buy Berryz 6th album and i got a good deal from amazon on Hangry and Angry's sadistic Dance album)
  14. Can't understand why AKB feels the need to promote the same girls every time
  15. Can't understand why Akb needs to have pvs in their underwear. i can't watch them as they make me feel like i'm a pedo (even tho i'm a girl)
  16. tsunku is a pervert
  17. Akimoto is a pervert
  18. Berryz has the better songs but C-ute has the better talent (minus Mai and Maimi) yet c-ute has had more promotion then Berryz which is not fair.
  19. Chisato sings way better than Maimi
  20. Captian, Massa and Chinami need more love in Berryz songs
  21. Risako needs to fix up and put just as much energy into her dancing as she does being a bitch
  22. Original reason why i don't like Reina is because she never changes her hair style
  23. New reason why i don't like Reina is because i think that her fans are racists (i know i'm generalising but this has come from an experience that happened at the beginning of the year when i ranked Reina last on Hello! Blogs ranking and some fagot decided to post racist remarks on my pervious blog. so far no other Reina fan has tried to do that again but hasn't tried to get me to change my mind either.
  24. Do not understand why there are girls from SKE48 on AKB singles
Well thats all for now.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

BIrthday Spam - Aichan

And now i have caught up. YAY 4 me!! Aichan is now a year younger than me.

Birthday Spam - Miya

Only one more after this than i'm up-to-date with birthdays (stupid dumbass forgetting way too many things lately)

Birthday Spam - Kumai

Another Birthday i forgot to post. Sorry BFG (my nickname for her).