Monday, 5 December 2011

End of Year Polls.

I'm sorry that i can't make this more interesting but my cousin's computer chair is really uncomfortable and giving me a really bad backache.


In the side bar to the right, I have placed a number of polls.

The polls are:

Stand Out Member - モ (minus 9th and 10th gens), ベ, キ, マス (minus 2nd) Both Aichan and Sakitty are included
Stand Out Newcomers - Pick your top 3 members. 10th gen included as they have been active since they were announced and Kosuga Fuyuka is not included as she has not been apart of any performances
Best single - Song, Dance, PV and Costume, this includes Please Miniskirt Postwoman

And just to help you all remember who the newcomers are and what the songs were i will post them after the jump.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

30 Day Idol Challenge: Days 5 - 8

Sorry i missed a few days. I'm just gonna do the ones that i missed now along with today's one.

Day 5: Favourite Group?

I blame their music for that. It was their music that got me hooked. I liked what i heard and i loved what i saw and just became hooked on them.

Day 6: Favourite Unit?

High-King. This unit features my most loved and most disliked members of H!P. But i absolutely love this unit. It has the best dancers in H!P and the best vocalists as well, not to mention it was the second unit to feature an Egg who was/still is as cute as a button.

I love the songs given to this group, C/C (Cinderella Complex), Kioku no Meiro, Destiny Love and the cover song, Diamonds, i even love watching them perform them too.

I'm hoping that that Tsunku doesn't mess this group up now that Aichan and Yuukarin are gone (i know Yuuka hasn't left yet but she never going to get the chance to perform with them again now is she?!), I'm hoeing that if he does decide to being this group back, he'll add Meimei (just for the cute factor) and either Ishida or Haruka. Ishida for her dancing and Haruka for her vocals. I really don't want Riho there because i feel that she needs to learn to put some soul into her singing.........and this group only needs one attention seeking whore and Tanaka has that spot.

Day 7: Favourite couple/duo?

There are plenty of duos in H!P but i guess that i would go with AiGaki. I think it's because of how long they have been together that i choose them. They were like the big sister and mother of MM and when Aichan graduated, i could feel how hard it was for them to say goodbye. It was the most emotional Graduation I've seen since I've become a fan.

It's going to be weird not seeing Ai in MM and when Gaki decided that it's time for her to go (or when management tell her to go), it will be another hard graduation on Sayu.

Day 8:Favourite Voice?

I couldn't decide between Ai, Linlin, Miya, Chisa and Yuuka. All of them are different and i love them all. Granted 3/5 are not my favourite members but i have ranked them all high when it comes to vocals.

Aichan's vocals are amazing and will be sorely missed, linlin was extremely underused but when it was used, she blew me away, Miyabi is the voice of Berryz and the most consistent during lives, Chisato is finally being pushed for the powerhouse that she is and Yuuka has the most cutest vocals but is able to keep up with Ai and Tanaka i High-King. It would have been nice to of had these singers in a group together but I'm hoping that Chisa and Miya get to sing a duet together soon.


The Voice You Dislike?