Saturday, 21 July 2012

News that i've either been neglecting or have just happened.

Yeah as the title says, I've been neglecting some news lately, my bad, so her is another excuse the reason why.


Yes, i have finally got a job that will get me off the Job Centre's books. I'm sooooo happy about it but it also means that i won't be updating much as well (like i do that anyway). These last couple of weeks, i've been trying to sort out my life so that i can go to work (and loose my individual fashion sense allong the way) and have neglected to write about things that i really wanted to say.

I'll get the unplesantness out of the way.

AKB48 news. Yes my favourite group. New Team. Team "Surprise". Members:
  • Maeda Atsuko
  • Takahashi Minami
  • Takajo Aki
  • Shinoda Mariko
  • Kojima Haruna
  • Oshima Yuko
  • Itano Tomomi
  • Yokoyama Yui
  • Miyazawa Sae
  • Minegishi Minami
  • Watanabe Mayu
  • Kashiwagi Yuki
  • Kitahara Rie
  • Shimazaki Haruka
  • Matsui Rena
  • Sashihara Rino
WOW What a Surprise. It would have been more of a surprise is it was girls who management don't really push but fans love like Akimoto Sayaka and Sato Amina who are loved by fans but management seem to want to not push them (fucking pricks) but i guess it's just another way for Aki-P to make money out of Meada.

Speaking of Meada, remember when Eri was graduating from MM and H!P and how many PB's and whatnots they released to make as much money as possible out of her before she left? Well i just feel that Aki-P missed a trick here. I'm not talking about her solo career, but just the general air about her graduation feels like he doesn't care (pretty much like how i feel about her anyways). I just think that Aki-P should be trying to push her face into ours more. She's not in the Senbatsu single so why not make her release another single that's not a ballad and release another PB and get her doing more things to make money for himself before she leaves. Lord knows he can do it.

So with one Surprise to another. Senbatsu (yeah i found out that i got this job around than. Yea for me)

The only thing that surprised me was Umeda Ayaka making it. And i'm really happy for her for making it there after everything she's been through. She's worked hard and deserves it. It's just a shame the song sucks so bad that  even my arse-licking ex and his constant talking about work sounds better than that crap.

I've always thought this but i think Aki-p doesn't have an original bone left in his body. The song sounds like Nogizaka46's piece of shit Guruguru Curtain but a slightly better version of it. Come on even the costumes look like better versions.

Nogizaka's Shit

AKB's Song

Same way like Give Me Five reminds me of Heavy Rotation. Except i've finally accepted Heavy Rotation into my cold heart and am bathing in it glory (still not enought to own a CD copy due to a nosey 13yr old).

Sadly, i'm not finished with this group.

Shimazaki Haruka

Oh, My Bad. Wrong girl

For some reason she reminds me of Meada. But a more i actually want to get to know her version. I'm still not convinced she's a good actress but put me in a burning room with her and Meada and tell me that i have enough time to save only one of these girls and i'd save Akimoto Sayaka's Calenders Shimazaki.


Watch it for the hot Johnny's Jr's thats in it not for the boring AKB girls. I really wanted to hit every single girl in that drama (minus that Shinoda wannabe). They pissed me off. the Johnny's boys were more intertaining and the whole drama was based around them anyways. The girls were just an after thought to me while watching this show.
I especally loved Sakuragi Tatsuya (Morimoto Shintaro - Left), Terakawa Maya (Kyomoto Taiga - Middle) and Tachinami Shouhei (Takaki Yuya [Hey! Say! Jump!] - Right). Tatsuya is the tough but very caring leader of the school, Maya is the pretty boy who hates being told he looks like a girl and Shouhei, the oldest student in the school having not been able to graduate his 2nd year of hig school who also does everything in his power to keep out of fights (even though he starts some of them). if i could be bothered to learn more about Johnny's, i would so be a fan of them and fangirl over them all the time.

Ok, so i was basicly fangirling over Bakaleya, but Shimazaki's next drama is one to stay clear of. Majisuka Gakuen 3.

1 was pure crap and 2 was even crapper but watched them anyway cos i just loved thinking how these girls secertly wished they could beat the shit out of their rivals.

Admittedly the story line for 3 is WAY better that 1 which was way better than 2 even though both had the say story line (who can beat the crap out of Meada and win sounds the same as senbatsu, who can take Meada's center position away from her). Shame it's still a pile of shit.

Speaking of piles of shit, Shukan Bunshun. So they get a number of OOO48 no name girls supended/fired and decide to start on Aki-P's golden girls and what happens? he buys their silents. Aki-P, what are you gonig to do about the internet? You can't buy EVERYONE in the world off to keep your golden 20 cash cows safe.

Sashihara Rino, Girl no matter no much you try to deny the rumors, the fact that you answered the phone makes anything you say sound like your covering it up. I don't really care about your love life or your career (mainly cos i think no matter how hard they try to pass you off as a singer, to quote a film i recently watch [Take the Lead], you can make a dollar out of 15 cents) but to use your misjudgement and make you center of HKT48 is just wrong. It's not even a punishment for you, it more of a punishment for the girls of HKT. It's also saying that if Managment love you, you can do no wrong no matter who bad it is. Look at what happened with Sayaka and her non-scandal, she hasn't been properly pushed since that's happened, no matter how hard the fans vote for her to be in senbatsu, they'll never push her. It's obvious that the girls tht get the most screen time, promotion and love from management get to break all the rules and not get punished but everyone else does.

Now, i'll go from one Soloist to another. Kashiwagi Yuki is going to become a soloist. Great, just what we need from the 48 family, another member od Senbatsu getting even more promotion. I really can't be arsed anymore. I'll just stick to the main group and DiVA. i can't take anymore from them.

The one shining grace from all the 48 madness, is Masuda Yuka. I think i'll start to love this girl. She's dropped out of both the Tokyo Dome concert and the Janken tornement to concentrate on her musical. Well done for wanting to spend you time wisely girl. I think that if you spread yourself too thinly, you'll make everything you do suffer, so to do what your doing is very admirable.

Another thing that deservers some respect is UFA. Yes i know, UFA and respect in the same sentance as Deserves. Something you don't hear everyday.

Well they actually listened to the fans and promoted the hell out of Momusu's 50th single selling over 100,000 in a week. Well done UFA, your finally doing what you should have done years ago. It's just a shame that both songs were the Tanaka and SDC show. You have girls that need to gain more confidence in singing and the only way to give them that confidence is to give them lines and you don't give them lines.

I was looking around for the lyrics to The Matenrou Show and i found a translation of Tsunku's blog post about the single. I won't copy it to here as it will just make this post longer than it is but you can read it here. I'm just going to highlight a certain part. This is about One.Two.Three -

The reason I wrote this song in this style is that I wanted to create a song that would represent each of these 10 members faces (voices), and there aren’t many sentences left to just one person, the lines are distributed so that all ten members have a place to stand out.
When do all ten members have a part to stand out on? and don't tell me it's their one syllable. All i hear are Tanaka and SDC singling all the solos with Sayu singing the odd word here and there while the other 7 members sing one syllable by themselves. Come on Tsunku, be honest with us and just say that you couldn't be arsed to give the other 7 members decent solo lines. As fot the Matenrou Show -

It’s the ultimate in funky music.
It’s strongly reminicent of a dance classic, but this speed, this melody, this rhythm, this funk style*, the timbre, the mixdown…
They’re all put together in the latest style, and also the “Tsunku♂ style.”
This is just my opinion, but I don’t think many composers write songs like this, and I made it thinking that it was kind of my specialty. At any rate, I love this kind of dance music.
Yes Tsunku, This is your style. it has every retro styled song you have every written for anyone in ever in this song. and but the way, Tokyo Girls Style are doing the retro music right now, they might not be very popular but that is their style and it sounds more original that this song. (Sorry bitch mode in full affect right now)
With this kind of funky song experience means everything, so for the members lacking dance experience, this is a pretty big hurdle, but I’d like them to overcome it.
The dance for this song is easier thatn the one for 123. It's just a shame that onlr Tanaka and SDC gets solos in this song. This would have been perfect if the other girls got solos or even duets in this song. I mean, Kudu, Fukuhime and Zukki have strong vocals and would sound great on this song. When i first heard this song, i thought that Fukuhime was singing lead but no, it was just SDC, but to her credit she did sound alright in some parts.

In more SDC news, she's getting another PB. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, GIVE FUKUHIME A GOD DANM PHOTOBOOK ALREADY!!!! or even Eripon, Ayumi or Harunan,  but not SDC. Anyone but SDC.

One thing i ame glad about with H!P id that they are creating new sub units. I won't call them Units as they don't have new members ie Eggs but current members.

So the first group is called Peaberry and consists of DAWA and SDC. Great, the can't sing foreigner hater and the autotuned Demon child in a group together.

And DIY♡, Do It Youtself/Dance In Your Heart. Maimi, Chii, Miya, Nakky and Harunan. When i first heard about this group and what their name meant, i too thought "Why not Ayumi and Captain?" but than i looked closer, Chii has the longerst legs in Berrys, Maimi has the longers legs in C-ute, Miya had a goregous pair of pins and so does Nakky while Harunan had the longest legs in Momusu right now. Legs. Legs. This group is about Legs.

I'm more interested in DIY♡ then in Peaberry for obvious reason but it's still good that UFA has finally decided to take that poll that was prevously positioned up it's arse and is using it to actually wave the flag of war that they left in some box at the back of the cupboard in front of all these new idols. I'm looking forward to what they have next.

One thing i am not looking forward to is this

Momochi! Yurushite Nyan♡Taisou.


I think i'm done being a bitch for now. I'll leave the other 5 things that's on my list for another time.

And i now work at the biggest cheap shop in england. Couldn't resist doing the one thing they told me not to do.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


I don't really do this but....

If there are any Kikkawa You fans out there, you must watch this show.

She only has a small part, she plays the football (it's FOOTBALL not SOCCER) Team manager (is that right?). Anyway, i like this show.

Is a sweet unrequited love story set in high school (really need to branch out from this genre) starring many Johnny's Talents (please don't ask me to name them cos the only JE members i know by face and can put a name to them are 3 members of Arashi [Jun - Hana Yori Dango, Sho - Some drama where he played a bulter with Kitagawa Keiko and their Leader Ohno - no idea why i know him] and that fool who knocked up some girl i can't be bothered to look up, married her and now his career is going down the toliet. And i only know that their from JE cos the credits have (A.B.C.Z/Hey! Say! Jump!/ジャニーズJr) under their names.)