Wednesday, 18 July 2012


I don't really do this but....

If there are any Kikkawa You fans out there, you must watch this show.

She only has a small part, she plays the football (it's FOOTBALL not SOCCER) Team manager (is that right?). Anyway, i like this show.

Is a sweet unrequited love story set in high school (really need to branch out from this genre) starring many Johnny's Talents (please don't ask me to name them cos the only JE members i know by face and can put a name to them are 3 members of Arashi [Jun - Hana Yori Dango, Sho - Some drama where he played a bulter with Kitagawa Keiko and their Leader Ohno - no idea why i know him] and that fool who knocked up some girl i can't be bothered to look up, married her and now his career is going down the toliet. And i only know that their from JE cos the credits have (A.B.C.Z/Hey! Say! Jump!/ジャニーズJr) under their names.)

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