Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Happy Birthday

It's weird but there are only 2 idol's birthdays i can remember without a prompt, one is Momoworld and the other one is

Amina Sato is 22 today. Happy Birthday Amina.

This is because, momoworld's birthday is the same day as my mum and aunt and Amina's is the same day as me.

So Happy 22nd Birthday to Amina and Happy 27th Birthday to me. May we have many, many more.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Should i Take a Chance?

I'll start with the rehearsal video and work my way though what UFP (idiots decide to change their name after finally managing to sell over 100k since 2004)

When i first saw this, i was excited. The song is 100 times better than One Two Three. Everyone has a better chance to shine no matter how small and the hell that is the Tanaka and Soulless Demon Child show ft Morning Musume isn't as in your face as One Two Three was.

As for the dance, Did UFP hire a new choreographer? cos aside from Berryz and Mano, the level of the choreography in the recent H!P singles improved greatly since last year. The formations in this look good and even thogh Zukkini and Harubo are the weakest dancers in their generations, you can see how hard they have worked to catch up to the others. I personally think putting Harubo in DIY was the best move UFP could have done.  Mixing her with H!P members that are around the same age as her has helped her to learn more then she would have in MM (there's only so much she can learn from girls younger than her when Sayu and Tanaka aren't there. Yes Ayummy and SDC can show her how to DANCE sexy, but Nakki, Maimi, Miya and Chii have been active longer and know how to BE sexy.)

As a Suzuki Kanon fan, this dance is great as she actually gets to be in the front. The whole of One Two Three, she was in the back and could hardly be seen.

So the next video released was the Dummy version or the teachers-performed-the-original-routine version.

Slight differences like they moved some members around and added new movements but it's good to see this. Personally it should have come before the group one but this is rare and i hope that they do this again for other singles.

The outfits were revealed next.

U.G.L.Y!!!! UFP are you actually trying to make the girls look this bad on purpose so that people will feel sorry for them and buy their single so that they don't have to wear these things from hell again?

I like Eripon's the best as it doesn't have that horrible black shirt thingy attached to it. My poor Zukki has the worst one. not only does she have the longerst skirt but where as the others have the body colour going past their waists, her's stops at her waist and the overall design makes her look fat. Tanaka's is ....... get rid of those stupid ears!!! You and Momoworld need a style intervention asap. And as for those things covering their shoes.......

The Temporary Version. I like the setting. I like the lightbeam prison. The effects are over the top and make it look tacky. Ayummy is missing in the dance shot but she was injured at the time so it's understandable but overall, it's better than One Two Three already.

The fire effect would have benn even cooler if ALL members got to do it. Not just SDC and Sayu.

The dance shot with Ayummy in it. I like this shot. The black makes the girls (and those costumes) stand out more.

The dance also has a few changes to it like this

It used to be juyst a straight all standing line then they moved on, now they change levels. I likey.

I'm not a big fan of this version. The effects hurt my eys too much especially the part wheneach member gets their solo line. the changes there are too much.

Positives are that the opening is more epic and Ayummy is in the dance shot.

So they had a performance of the song on Happy Music. Why is it only Tanaka and SDC singing live and the others are lipsycning? we all know they can sing it live so why are UFP making them lipsycn?  And why is Zukki the only one not wearing heels? Did she hurt herself in practice and couldn't where them?

So after that performance came the final MV


UFP!! You had the perfect change to listen to what the fans were saying about what they did and didnot like in the other versions of the pv and you diddn't listen to them.

We said we hated the effect - You added more
We said we liked the group shot - You got rid of it completely

Seems like what ever we said we liked, you got rid of and what ever we said we hateded, you gave us more of it. So if we said we hated Zukki, would you give her more lines? more like you'd actually listen to us and get rid of her (Which i don't want by the way, DAIZUKKI)

Overall, i like the song way better than One Two Three but UFP ruined the PV. I can't watch it, the effects make it hard for me to watch it.