Monday, 31 May 2010


CHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII is looking even more beautiful than she did before.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

For CRYING out loud.

For some reason, all blogs that i follow has beed cleared from my account which has pissed me off. Main reason why this is pissing me off, is because i can't remember the blogs that i folled that are not on my blogroll.

Anyway. Quick update while i'm here.

H&A concert was AMAZING. will write up both the signing and the concert after EXpo this weekend.

Expo starts today so i'm screwing myslf because my cosplay isn't finished and my so called best mate still has not given me back the money that i lent her which has made me extremly angry and has resulted in me contemplating selling sundays ticket if the money isn't in my account tomorrow (cos i won't get it on monday as it's a bank holiday)

Oh, i heard something and i want to know if this is true.

Only reason why Captian does not have a photobook is because her mother doesn't want her to have one.

If this is true, that she won't get one till she turns 20. Please, if anyone can verifiy this for me, i'd be very greatful.

See you soon.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Recent Gets

Recived these about two weeks ago but just haven't managed to remember where the hell i put my camera untill this morning. (baka)

Monday, 24 May 2010

Guess What

So, like i said, i'd stop the polls when a new PB is announced.

Problem is, the person who is about to announce a PB wasn't even considered apart of these polls.

YES, Yuuka Maeda is going to get her first Solo DVD and like for evey solo DVD release, a PB is also going to be announced soon.

S/mileage haven't even released their 1st major single yet and Yuuka is already getting a PB while established idols like Captian and Chisa haven't even gotten a mention.

Don't get me wrong, i like Yuuka and i knew that out of the 4 girls, she'd be the one to get her's first but it's just not fair. Sorry.
So as for the polls
~Who is most likely to announce a new PB?~

Miya won with 7/16 votes. Airi and Reina came joint second with 3 votes, Chisa, Captian and Massa came joint 4th with 1 vote each and Aika came last with no votes.

Sorry Miya, maybe next time.

~Who do you want to see in a PB?~
well no thanks to Mina, Aika won with 6/18 votes. Captian came second with 3, Airi and Junjun came 3rd with 2 votes each, Chisa, Miya, Tanaka, Maasa and an unknow answer (not sure how to find out what the voter voted) came 5th with 1 vote and Linlin came last with no votes.

~H!P Top....Hardest Hardasses (2 votes)~

Yuko won with 6/16 votes, Yosshi second with 4, 3rd is Mikitty with 2, joint 4th is Maimi, Chisa and massa with a vote each while Makoto, Kai and Gocchin didn't get a vote.

I'm going to restart the PB polls cos there is bound to be another one announced and i had forgot to put Linlin and Junjun on this one, plus i'll restart my picspam poll series as well.

Vote for

Voting ends 31st may.

Picspam - Umeda Erika


And some pictures post H!P

Hangry and Angry Live in.....Berlin.....

So Hangry and Angry Performed in Berlin yesterday and the set list has been revealed, not sure yet if they'll do the same set list for all 4 concerts yet but heres hoping.

Top Secret

Sadistic Dance

Mr. Monkey

Romantic ni Violence

GIZA GIZA (crash berlin version)

Shake Me



Lady Madonna

Kill Me Kiss Me

(Encore) The Peace! (h&A Death Tracks)
And some fans over at H!O have comented that Hangry had signed to their friend Hangry and Yosshi as they had asked her to and it seems that they are singing anything and everything. Not sure if that will be allowed yet here at the London gig but fingures crossed.

Oh and it has been comfirmed that the photo op is in fact a lottery which sucks cos it means only 2 fans/concert goers would get the opptunity to have a picture with them. And it was also stated that the turn out in Berlin was bad, at least London will show UFA that H!P really NEEDS to pay a visit here (and not france which seems to be the case with most of Jpop just because a lucky few were able to pull they resources together to make the trip there making any french Jpop visit have a good turn out ~sorry, ranting, i'm completely broke cos my stupidass so called best friend was broke when i went to visit her last week and i had to lend her money because i was staying with her and didn't want her to be left out even tho it was her falut for not making sure she had money saved up for that action packed alcohol fueled weekend which i had to leave early because she wanted to spend the rest of that weekend with her boyfriend knowing how much i hate being the thrid wheel in things like that and she hasn't even sent me a text since and now i have to work mon, tues and fri mornings just to be able to go to the signing, concert and expo this week [sorry again for the completely off topic rant]~)
I really can't wait till Tuesday now, i justed wished i knew more words in japanese so that i caould say something to them.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Picspam - Tokunaga Chinami

I know i'm early but i'm not going to be able to post this on Saturday so....


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Tokyo Girls Style

Who the hell are they???

Picspam - Okai Asuna

Asuna had her 14th birthday on Friday 14th May.

And here she is with her obviously more talented (since she's still an egg and her big sister is a full member of H!P) big sister Chisato.