Sunday, 2 May 2010

Changes to Blog.

Since finding out how to change the background, i have been changing it to the current Picspam Idol (Who happens to be Risako at the moment). Once again, if you'd rather i went back to the background that came with this template, just leave a comment in Spamalot.

* * *

For all those wishing to Link with me, I have a banner, Well a number of banners if you have read the Contact Me Page, but, this one is for this blog. YAY!!!!

Free to use, just drop me a message in Spamalot and i'll (finally learn how to) place your banner on this blog as well (if you have one) and i'll add you to the blogroll. I will be making more so keep an eye out on the Contact Me Page.

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Due to an extremely unwanted visiter. Projects my Hello Views has finally closed it's doors.

I am not one for using bad language and i think that curbing that kind of language while posting is so that i do not offend visiters. One visitor has decided that writing racist comments to me is fun. So because of that one individual, all comments are now being moderated.

I am extremly offended and quite tired of this person. If i could block them, i would, but i can't so moderating comments is the only way to stop that.

These are my views and i will not allow anyone to tell me in an offence way that my opinion is not valided. I like blogging but if this racism continues, i'll be deleting this blog too.

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  1. Yes it's me, don't mind the URL, I had to put something there :P

    Just to let you know, I support your policy regarding the issue mentioned above. I saw it, and yes, these measures are only necessary.

    The background, how about changing it back? The reasons: the text "Sugaya Risako" (I think it's what it says) is not fully visible, the links to the pages are almost invisible, the images (mostly not fully visible either) are making the blog look unnecessarily cluttered. I know not how Blogger works, but if I wanted to have pics in the background using this template, I'd probably put them in one vertical row on the left of the menu bar, leaving the rest (the right side and the part between the entries and the menu) as is (It would of course, be better to put them on the far right, but people have different screen resolutions, so the pics would bound to be in the wrong place for some viewers). So, if you need an opinion on this, that's what I think ;)

    OK this stuff aside, me returning? Depends on what you mean. Returning here - I am not leaving, I will visit your blog now and then. Returning to blogging - Time will tell. Returning to H!P - To be honest, since seeing the 1st video almost a month ago, I knew it'd be only a matter of time before I'd close the blog and drop H!P.

    As you said, AKB performances are mimed.. rather badly at times ;) Even some MVs have such dubious moments. Though I expected it to be worse.

    And there's also Momoiro Clover with their new single :D Meh, no yukatas this time!