Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Tokyo Girls Style

Who the hell are they???

They released 2 singles one week apart

Kirari - May 5

Onnaji Kimochi - May 19th

(I like Kirari better)

I have no idea how old they are as Avex have not stated on their website the years they were born in, but i found a fansite dedicated to them, Style. When i first watched Kirari, before i did any research, i thought they were like 16 - 20 when the video startedbefore i saw their faces, but when i saw their faces properly, i thought "they can't be no more than 13 yrs old." and yep, i was right. the oldest is 13, youngest just turned 12.

So anyway.

The girls are

Ayano Konishi 
Nickname: Aachan
Blood type: O
BD: 15 Dec 97
Birthplace: Osaka
Hitomi Arai
Nickname: Hiichan, Hitomin
Blood Type: O
BD: 10 April 98
Birthplace: Miyagi Prefecture
Mei Shyoji
Nickname: Mei
Blood Type: O
BD: 2 July 97
Birthplace: Yamagata Prefecture
 The Leader, Miyu Yamabe
Nickname: Miyu, Myubbi, Myubii
Blood Type: B
BD: 24 June 96
Birthplace: Chiba


Yuri Nakae
Nickname: Yuri
Blood Type: O
BD: 28 June 97
Birthplace: Osaka.

Click here to go to their offical website.
Wikipedia has a little bit of info on them but not much.

They have some good singers (only two at the moment as only two of them had solo lines in both songs) and an amazing dancer (don't know her name but she has the solo in the second PV.)

They sort of have this AKB48/Hello! Project feel to them. Their ages reflect H!P what with the training starting from 9/10 yrs old but their look is more AKB.

~could be sisters~

So far, their debut went in at number 22 on the oricon daily chart and was number 30 in the weekly chart.

So comparing their Debut to S/mileage and Momoiro Clover, I'd say even tho i like Kirari, It's not as good as Momoiro Clover's who but the way, released their Debut on the same day and reached number 1 in the Daily and Number 3 in the Weekly and from what i know are still at number 3. With the way H!P songs are placing, (please don't hate me for this) but i don't think S/mileage will do as good as Momoclo. Hopefully they'll get a top ten place (I've pre-ordered my copy already).

I'm looking forward to hearing more about thes girls but from what was said over at H!O, i don't think they'll last long with Avex.

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