Saturday, 25 August 2012

Just had to share....

She looks SOOO much better here thant with those damned twin tails.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

New PB Announcement + Poll Results

Sorry for the lack of updates, been trying to work out a new schedule what with work and stuff. So i'll make this quick.

The 6 perverted people who voted for Kutie Kudu to get a PB got their sick wish. She's getting one. It'll be released on 25th October and a solo DVD will be released on the 7th November.

I thought that it might have been Chinami who'll get the announcement what with her new DVD coming out but this little Kutie beat her to it.

Out of all the members that are getting promotion in MM, i'm glad that Kudu is getting this oppotunity and hopefully this means that she's also going to be getting some solo lines in future MM songs cos lord knows we NEED a change.

So Congrated Kudu, I still won't be buying it because i don't want to end up in prison and on the sex offenders register for owning it.

As for the poll.

Well Fukuhime won it with 9 votes followed by Miya and Ishida with 8. Cinderella and Fang gang member #2 scored the highest for the S/mileage crew with 5 votes tho Meimei getting 5 votes shows that there are some loicons out there. As for the only 2 members of C-ute that qualified for the poll, Maimai scored 2 votes while Chisa only got 1.

I must say that i'm not surprised that Kana and Rina didn't get any votes but i was sure that Take-chan and Chinami would have gotten at least 1 vote, Anyway here's the break down:
  • Fukumura M - 9
  • Natsuyaki M - 8
  • Ishida A - 8
  • Shimizu S - 7
  • Iikubo H - 7
  • Kudo H - 6
  • Fukuda K - 5
  • Tamura M - 5
  • Ikuta E - 4
  • Sayashi R - 4
  • Sudo M - 3
  • Kumai Y - 3
  • Suguya R - 3
  • Hagiwara M - 2
  • Sato M - 2
  • Okai C - 1
  • Suzuki K - 1
  • Tokunaga C - 0
  • Nakanishi K - 0
  • Takeughi A - 0
  • Katsuta R - 0
I should have ended this sooner but i completely forgot that i added SDC to this poll. It was only when i was writing this to Congratulate Kudo that i saw her name. But i kinda don't about her so......