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Single Rankings - C-ute, Guardians 4, S/mileage and Shugo Chara Egg

So a lot of fanblogs have been doing rankings lately which has made me decide to listen to every Momosu, C-ute, Berryz, Shugo Chara Egg, Guardians 4, S/mileage and Manoeri singles ever released (OMG it was painful to listen to at times).

Unfortunately i will NEVER do a ranking for Manoeri songs as there is really only two of her songs that i can listen to without wanting to either jump in front of a bus or slit my wrists. Their just way too boring and depressing for any mentally unstable person to listen to. And thats such a sham cos she's such a cute girl in both her looks and her vocals. Buy the way, the only songs of hers i can listen to are Summer party and Hara no watsitcalled (the latter would have sounded better if someone else sung it)

So, i'll start with the groups that have the least amount of singles first (because i really CBA to do MM and BK yet). In the case of SCE, i'm adding their B-sides from Guardians 4 last two singles since they only have two actual releases.

Shugo Chara Egg.

1. Minna no Tamago
This one came tops for me as it's the best song freaturing the 1st Gen SCE members. It also went well as an opening song for the Anime as it's fun, hyper and very childish.

2. Arigatou ~ Ookiku Kansha!~
As i said when i reviewed Going On single, i feel that this is the best song from 2nd Gen SCE. it's not the best song but it alot better than Shugo Shugo.

3. Watashi no Tamago
Not the best song but it's not as bad as

4. Shugo Shugo
Just wrong. Completely wrong.

Guardians 4

1. Party Time
It fun, upbeat, does exactly what it says on the tin.

2. School Days
Lets just say that every thing from her down with this group is a loss.

3. Omakase! Guardian
When i first heard it, i as like "Who took my kawaii SCE away?" Then when i found out who was in the group i was like "Now i know that Aika needs more experience being as she's in MM, but WHY? and WHY put the BFG in a group with midgets?" Questions that will never be answered. (hopefully i'll get my wish and Yurina knocks out Aika . . . . by accident!?!?!)

4. Going On
. . . . . . .
Nuff said


1. Suki-chan
I love this song. it cute, fun, upbeat and puts a smile on your face. Exactly what S/mileage have been placed on this planet to do.

2. aMa no Jaku
It's only number two because i like the lyrics to the song. It's not your standard love/break up/heartbroken song. It's truthful and best describes what i'm feeling when i'm being annoyed by drunk pricks who won't leave me alone even when i lie about being a lesbian just to get rid of them. Excuse me for being gorgeous.

3. Asu wa way to long for a title especially for someone who can't even speak her own language right without mucking up
It's cute and does put a smile on my face but it does get annoying after a while.


1. Tokaikko Junjou
The Best C-ute song EVER.
Nuff Said

2. Wakkyanai (Z)
This is their best Indie single. Shame Megumi left.

3. Shock
YES - i put is as number 3. Main reason being . . . . . no Yajima. My top 3 C-ute songs all have very little/no Maimi solos what so ever.

4. Bye Bye Bye
My first C-ute release. I love it that all the members get a solo line however small. And the only song where i don't try to block out Maimi's voice since i think that her voice suits this style of song better Ookina The Shit Song.

5. Edo handball song
It's funny and weird and for some reason when it plays on my iPod, i don't skip it like i usually do with C-ute songs.

6. Meguru Koi no Kisetsu
Yeah next

7. Soku Dakishimete
1st ever C-ute song i listened to and LORD don't those outfits suck. Again Megumi makes this song bearable.

8. Massara Blue Jeans
If i don't watch the video then i'm not reminded of the Love Me Love Me Love Me Love Me part and a 10 yr old Maimai....

9. Sakura Chirari
Aside from the overload of pink, it's cute and bareable. It's not with the minimal Maimi lot because of the pink.

10. Namida no Iro
It's a nice song and i'm empressed with Airi that even after all that dancing, she still hit that high note at the end in live performance. She could teach a certian person from BK how to do that for Rival and now Tomodachi

One of the reasons why i just not that interested in C-ute

12. The Cover song
It a good song, just wished someone other than Maimi was singing

now out of these last three songs, i can listen to this one. . . . . when sung by the whole of H!P

14. Everyday
I can listen to the instremtal, thats a good song

15. The Shit Song
Should have never been aloud to have been written let alone sung

I'll carry on with my rankings but it's 3am and i have to at least get some sleep during the night hours.

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Chisa-spam - Day 7

My favourite Chisa pics that i found while doing this picspam

And now for a little extra eyecandy

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