Monday, 6 June 2011

Hello Again

Sorry again for not posting anything in a while, i’ve been busy with my life outside of the internet plus a 2 week holiday to Jamaica where it rained like clockwork at 2pm everyday i was there, well at least it was hot and not cold like it is here in London.

Anyways, i always had the feeling that something big was happening in H!P during my 2 week absent from the anything to do with a computer (shame about the TV tho, i have no idea how all you Americans can watch a program out there with the amount of advert breaks during a program, it's completly annoying)and what happenes, not only are PV's released but Tsunku announces that he wants to add new members to S/mileage.
I'll comment more on everything later cos i'm kinda hungry and my body clock is still still 6hrs behind at the monemt and it's dinner time in JA now.
Oh before i forget, i changed the blog again, it was getting too dark for the time of year.