Friday, 15 April 2011

Dream5 Upcoming Mini Album DAYS

Avex Group, Dream5, will be releasing a mini album titled DAYS, which will be out on the 4th May 2011 and i must say that this group just gets better and better.

If you remember, i did a post about this group at the beginning of this year when i first came into contact with them (Dream5 Who Are They?) and on another post, i gave you all some download links for their recent single, Koi no Dial 6700 and their mini album, RUN TO THE FUTURE (Password is Dream5).

Now the sings on their first album were great, i especially loved We Are Metu Challenger and Tabidahchi no Uta.

The Track list for DAYS features their recent singles, Koi no Dial 6700 and Bokura no Natsu. As for the new songs, they have another cover song, again it's a Finger5 song, Gakuen Tengoku, and 3 original songs, Dandan GROW UP, Arigatou Kimi ni Todoke tai Melody and Shunka Shuutou. There are 2 versions, a CD only and one with a bonus DVD.

The DVD contains music video's for Bokura no Natsu, Koi no Dail 6700 and Gakuen Tengoku. Plus dance shots for Gakuen Tengoku, Dandan GROW UP and Shunka Shuutou with a Making of Gakuen Tengoku PV.

After the Jump, i'll post some video's that Avexchannel has posted for this album.

Please support this group, their young and extremly talented and deserve our support.