Saturday, 8 January 2011

Dream5 - Who are they?

A while ago, Avex channel had uploaded some new videos that appeared in my subscriptions box and this video caught my eye

I've heard this song before but i was quite surprised but the group singing it.

Dream5 were created in 2009 when NHK program 'Tensai TV Kun MAX' held auditions to find boys and girls that could sing and dance. Out of thousands, Only 4 girls, Shigemoto Kotori, Hibi Mikoto, Ohara Yuuno and Tamakawa Momona, and 1 boy, Takano Akira, was chosen to form this group

They Debut on November 4th 2009 with their first single I Don't Obey ~bokura No Pride~


They released a mini album, Run on the Future, On the 10th March 2010

This is a PV from the album, Tabidachi No Uta

Their second single, Bokura no Natsu

Their recent single, a cover version of the 1970's finger5 hit, Koi no Dial 6700, was reeased on new years day and features AAA’s Hidaka Mitsuhiro and Sueyoshi Shuuta in the PV (back at the begining of this post)

These are the members:

* Shigemoto Kotori (重本ことり)(Vocals)
Birthday: 5 October 1996
Hometown: Tokushima Prefecture
Height: 146cm
Blood Type: Unknown

* Hibi Mikoto (日比美思) (Vocals)
Birthday: 20 September 1998
Hometown: Kanagawa Prefecture
Height: 145cm
Bloodtype: B

* Ohara Yuuno (大原優乃) (Dancer)
Birthday: 8 October 1999
Hometown: Kagoshima Prefecture
Height: 133cm
Blood Type: A

* Takano Akira (高野洸)(Dancer)
Birthday: 22 July 1997
Hometown: Fukuoka
Height: 144cm 151cm
Blood Type: B

* Tamakawa Momona (玉川桃奈)(Dancer)
Birthday: 24 March 1997
Hometown: Miyagi
Height: 151cm
Blood Type: O

I'm looking forward to hearing more from this group and i hope that they do well considering how hard it is to find info on them. If your wanting to look for more info on them, type 'Dream5 japanese band' as google finds random companies that have the same name. And don't look to youtube for vids, Avex has been busy disableing audios.

Sorry if some of the videos don't load, had a rough time trying to find ones that could play outside China.


  1. I just recently discovered Dream5 too. Pretty much the day I found them, I bought all their CDs. It's a shame they aren't promoted more.

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