Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Just a Quicky

  1. UFA are reaching out to us international fans. Please support Phil over at Up Front Link. It's an English AND French blog all about UFA. So far there are only 2 post, one on the recent Additions/Graduation announces to Morning Musume and the other is a welcoming post. On a sad note, there already is some hate towards the English blog. I won't name names ararat010, but it's sad that some people feel the need to put good things down, especially when we have been asking for it.
  2. S/mileage's PV for Short Cut was released. The most upsetting thing about this PV, is that is shows Yuuka (and Ayaka) cutting off her lovely locks. other wise, first impressions are mixed.
  3. We finally have an idea of who the H!P Hair Stylist is.

This person MUST NOT be allowed to go anywhere near the girls with a pair of scissor. Just Look at what she did to Gaki's precious locks

(all opinions on the woman in the S/mileage Short Cut video is pure speculation. No hate must ever go toward that woman)

1 comment:

  1. I'm sad that the S/Mileage girls' hair are short, too. They look so much better with long locks.

    But I like Ogawa Saki's and Kamei Eri's short do's.