Sunday, 2 January 2011

My Top and bottom Tens of 2010

I'm going to do a overall thingy here cos i'm not quite sure when i'm going to be able to do a H!P only one.

My Top ten songs of 2010

10. Kirari - TGS
These girls are talented and this song is a good song, i just wished that Avex started them out in the indies first then went major as like Momoclo and S/milegs did just to gain more fans. These girls have a bright future ahead and i hope that they continue to produce great singles. I especally like their new one, Love like Candy Floss.

9. Monster - Arashi
Now i don't really listen to a lot of male artist in general, but i heard this song on another blog and instantly fell in love with it and the video. I later started to listen to more of their singles, watched a few episodes of that varity show where they have no idea who their guests are and even been watching drama that Matsumoto Jun has been in (Hana Yori Dango, Gokusen)

8. Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama - S/Mileage
 Aside from the talking parts, i love this song. S/mileage are going from strength to strength, And Congratulations on winning Best New Artist and beating SNSD. GO S/MILEGS

7. Ikuze! Kaito Shojo - Momoiro Clover
The best Debut single this year, it's upbeat, energtic and catchy, not to mention, the PV is great too. It's a shame that their now with King Records cos their PV for Kimi no Sekai was completely wrong on all levels. If they continue to going down that road, i know that i won't have the same respect for them that i have a the moment

6. Aitai Lonley Christmas - C-ute
Such a beautiful song, and Chisa's vocals are just amazing, Maimi and Airi  better watch out, Chisa is stealing their limelight and about time too. I agree that this song should have com higher but i'm not the biggest fan or ballads and making it into my to ten was an achivement in it self.

5. Shunkan Sentimental- Scandal
 Although i don't really follw them, when i heard this song, i fell in love with it. It made me want to just rock out with them and the lead's vocals are amazing

4. Dance de Bakoom - C-ute
 thr lyrics, dance and Chisa made this song for me.

3. Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game - Morning Musume
Their fairest song to with this line up. I hate the costumes, hate majority of the video, hate how Tanaka steals Eri's moment, but this is their best song since Nanchatte Renai was released.
2. Otakebi Boy WAO! - Berryz Koubou

Was in love with this song from the start. Epic song, strong vocals, Risako actually made me change my mind about her vocals with this song. This song should have gone to number 1 but alas, due to H!P's main problem being promotion, it didn't.

1. Beginner - AKB48

Surprised that AKB had one of my favourite songs this year? Well don't be. Since i heard this song, it's been in my head and can't seem to get it out. I really wish that they did dance shots like H!P do so i can learn this dance. The dance videos that they have for this single going around, the camera, for me, moves around too muce and i tend not to want to learn frn dance covers cos they tend to either mess up or miss some movements (worst personality treat i have is being a perfectionist, it's either perceft or not doing it al all)

My Bottom Ten Songs of 2010, no explaination need, i just find these songs either annoying, plain, boring or i just have no real reason to want to like it except that i just don't want to listen to it.

10. Genkimono de Ikou! - Mano Erina
8. Onegai Dakara... - Mano Erina
7. Going On! - Guardians 4
6. Campus Life ~ Umarete Kite Yokatta~ - C-ute
5. Chance no Junban AKB48
5. Idolulu - Lil Pri
4. Little Princess Lil Pri - Lil Pri
3. Ponytail to Shushu - AKB48
2,Gagaga - SDN48
1. Seishun Collection - Morning Musume


  1. I don't listen to Arashi, and I don't know what Scandal is. As for the rest - I wouldn't include them in my top 10. Which I think, considering the amount of idol songs released this year, is something to be expected.

    On the other hand, I agree with part of the bottom list. Campus Life (and especially its PV), Chance no Junban, Gagaga (now this was a disaster) are songs I don't want to hear again. Seishun Collection with all its mediocrity would probably be out of the bottom 10.

    100% agree on the Momoiro Clover comment.

  2. i agree Seishun Collection is te worst
    i onley heard 30 sec before i exit yt for the rest of the day.