Thursday, 24 February 2011

Just to clear some things up

Reading comments on Berryz new pv, a lot of people are comparing EVERYTHING to Lady Gaga



 It seems people have forgotten about decades like tthe 60's with flower power and free love

the 70's with disco

and 80's glam pop/rock

and lets not forget the style icon Grace Jones, who is the ORIGINAL.

This lady is 62 and STILL rocking her individual style

You can not deny that Gaga is just a copy of the icon.  Top models like Tyra Banks have commented on what this woman has done for fashion.

Now this

 Is just insanity


Anyway. I think the reason why Berryz are dressed like that

Is because they are going to American for Sakura Con. This is a good way to show the american fans that UFA are attempting to get in touch with us western fans, and by copying Lady Gaga, or more like paying hommage to her, is a way of getting their name accross.

Now no offence to any Gaga fans out there, but i've never been a big fan of hers and the moment i started paying an interest in her, Grace's name came up. Since than, i've been a firm belever that Gaga is trying, and successfully failing at, copying her innovative fashion.

Granted that most of the girls look ok in this style (Momo needs more make up. it looks like they forgot about her and had to rush her styling .... again) But i think that this adds to the PV. I think that they should of had the girls dancing in these costumes, becoming the (excuse the pun) "heroine"'s  they talk about.

If your going to compare these girls to Gaga, remember a few things
  1. Lady Gaga is insane. Remember, she turned up to the Grammys in an egg and the MTV VMA'a in a Meat dress.
  2. No one has ever refered to the BK girls as having Man parts (that i know of)
  3. Their music is completely different
  4. Berryz has Tsunku and UFA production staff for their music while Lady Gaga dose her own thing
Keeping those in mind, UFA have done a great job creating a PV that is different to what's out there at the moment with their limited PV budget.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

UFA really need to fight

I just had this thought, "Who is going to be Berryz rivals next week?" Something in me just said that no matter how epic the song and PV is, If there is any Artist that is more popular than the girls, their chances of getting a high place in the weekly rankings get slimmer.

For C-ute, their only rivals i can see is Arashi which, no offence to any C-ute fans, is already a loss for the top spot. But they can still aim for No2.

Berryz on the other hand have a really fight on their hands. Both Idoling and Akanishi Jin are releasing singles the same day.

All i can find, PV wise is preview clips

Akanishi Jin - Eternal. It's really beautiful. Shit.

Idoling - Yarakai Heart. No offence to any Idoling fans out there but it's bad. Compared to Heroine, It's really shit but they are, at the moment, more popular than Berryz.

Here's hoping UFA show some fighting spirit for these girls. They've worked really hard and deserve decent sales for once.

(And i'm partly upset that i have to wait another 2 weeks after the release dates to get my copy of their singles. stupid air miles.)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Heroine ni Narou ka! PV released today

After what seems like a life time waiting for this PV, It finally comes

And it was defo worth the wait.

was brought to tears (i know a bit much but that just might be down to using my cousin computer and having the sound blasting loudly through me eays) see how grown up the girls are.

will attempt to do a screen cap post of this PV later.

Already watched this PV 4 times. Can't seem to get enough of it.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

A New Bach of Confessions.

Confessions are good for the heart.....or so they say

  1. Reason why i can't seem to get past this block i have with OOO48's is cos i'm more into talent and music than i am into looks hence why i'm not as critical of H!P releases than i am of OOO48's
  2. I'm fed up with seeing Matsui Jurina's face in AKB/SKE48 PV's.
  3. Fed up of seeing Maeda At, Kojima H, Takahashi M, Minegishi M, Kashiwagi Y, Watanabe M and  Itano T faces in anything concerning AKB. There are 38 other girls that can promote the group just as much as these girls can. WHy not use them?
  4. first thing i thought when i heard that Atsuko and Itano had collasped from exhaustion during an event was "serve you right for ALWAYS using the same girls over and over again.
  5. S/mileage's major songs aren't as good as their Indies
  6. S/mileage are becoming illegal with their costumes. I don't really want to see the minge of a 14 yr old thank you very much
  7. Wishing that i had not of brought Captain's PB now, cos i can't finish buying Dream5's first 2 singles cos she used up my allowance that i set up for buying J-pop for this half of th year.
  8. recently called Amina a Hoe for looking like one
  9. Zukki is now my favourite Morning Musume member. Sorry Eripon, but it seems that i am not immune to the higher ups way of pushing girls (well only were it concerns MM)
  10. Sayashi is over rated and a bit too stuck up for me
  11. Majority of the eggs are prettier and more talented than Fuku-chan
  12. If said to the hard of hearing, Fuku can be a very rude name
  13. Looking forward to hearing news from AKB's upcoming concert titled "Takamina ni tsuite ikimasu"
  14. hates the fact that Hayami Akari from Momoiro Clover is quiting because a minority of people hate her. I hate a minority of shit that AKB/H!P/The British Government put out there but you don't see me spewing hate towards them in their blogs
  15. Actually i hate everything about the current British Government because they are a load os stuck up posh rich boys who have never had to struggle for anything except trying to govern this country.........(could go on for hours)
  16. has skiped a majority of AKB songs cos the first 5 seconds of it pissed me off
  17. and no i can't remember what songs that i skipped over because the first 5 seconds pissed me off is because i have nearly 5000 songs on iTunes
  18. CBA to learn about SKE48
  19. Still thinks boy bands are gay (no homopho intended) no matter how hansome Johnny's Boys are

What have i said?!?!?!?!?!?!

I saw this
And thought,

"UGH! Go wash your face off, Ugly"

Than i realised who it was and thought,


S/mileage Shortcut Video Spam

Monday, 14 February 2011

Momoko's English Skills

Mister / KARA (with u10)

1st Anniversary Of This Blog...a month late

Well start as i mean to go on. This Blog (well actually the blogger) should have celebrated her first birthday on the 18th January 2011 but forgot thinking that she started the blog this month until she decided to look over her first post........what a dope (baka, idiot, wanker, stupid, moron, etc, etc). THIS month is the 2nd anniversary of this blogger becoming a H!P fan, it's been about 8 months since i became a light fan of AKB48/SKE48 members get out of AKB48 singles cos your making it harder to recognise AKB members hater (so it only refers to Matsui J and to an extent Matsui R but i can never really remember what she looks like with out googling her so really it just the Matsui Jurina GET OUT OF AKB PV'S Fan club)

But i digress.

I decided to mark this occasion with a few purchases from CDJapan.

I don't know how many times i've said this, but I've always said that i won't get any other H!P PB until Captain gets one. And last month her's came out. But is wasn't until know that i managed to get enough money to buy it.

Beautiful isn't it. Got it Saturday but was too hung over (product of not consuming any alchol since October) to really appreciate her beauty.

Recently, I did a post on a group from Avex called Dream5. It's been so hard to even find a link to english specking sites that mention them let alone to listen to their music. 

So i just went and brought their recent single and their mini album
The Album came with a photo card of the group. sorry it's not clear.

This came with a poster

Lovely pic of all my gets.

So as a pressie to all of you, i've uploaded the Dream5 CD's

Koi no Dial 6700


The Password to access these files is Dream5 (must use a captial D when entering it)

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Juat have to say

Speechless at the amount of maturity, beauty and sexiness pouring from these girls right now

(e-LineUP!) Nakajima Saki DVD - Hidamari

The uploader, HelloProjectMusic1, said that this won't be up for long, So watch it ASAP

Monday, 7 February 2011

Morning Musume 9h Gen

I recently ut up a poll just to see who the front runner of the 9th gen is. This was put up before any more info was released on the girls.
  • Suzuki Kanon - 14/32
  • Sayashi Riho - 12/32
  • Fukumura Mizuki - 4/32
  • Ikuta Erina - 2/32 (I voted for her)
It wasn't surprising that Kanon and Riho got majority of the votes since before and after the announcements, eveyone was talking about them while Erina wasn't really noticable and Mizuki was an egg that didn't really stand out much (when i heard that she was picked, at first i thought she was the girl with the crazy eyes till i saw a pic of her in her Shugo Chara Egg costume).

I'm re-opening the poll now. Main reason for this is because i want to see if opinions have changed since interviews and their offical profile have come out.

And for added effect, their unoffical and offical pictures

Fukumura Mizuki, Fuku-chan

Ikuta Erina, Eripon

Sayashi Riho, Yasshii

Suzuki Kanon, Zukki

I'll leave the poll up until we get a preview of the new single.

Happy Birthday

Wishing Ai, Maimi and Mai a big Happy Birthday.

Hope you have an enjoyable year.

Sunday, 6 February 2011


I've been so busy trying to get my cousin off my back that i've forgotten some bitrhdays. So starting from January 1st 2011, i will now wish the following girls a bappy birthday and good wishes for the year.

3 Jan 11

Umeda Ayaka,22, Original AKB48 Team K

7 Jan 11

Satou Ayano, 16, 6th Gen H!P Egg

11 Jan 11

Okouchi Misa, 26, 1st Gen SDN48

12 Jan 11

Mitsui Aika, 18, 8th Gen Morning Musume

Takeuchi Miyu, 15, AKB48 Recently Prompted 9th Gen Kenkyuusei

19 Jan 11

Ishikawa Rika, 26, Dream Morning Musume/Hangry & Angry/Ex 4th Gen Morning Musume

20 Jan 11

Yaguchi Mari, 28, Dream Morning Musume/Ex 2nd Gen Morning Musume

24 Jan 11

Nakanishi Yuuka, 22, Original SKE48 Team S, Ex 4th Gen AKB48 Kenkyuusei

27 Jan 11

Hirano Tomomi, 27, 7th Gen H!P Egg (on offence, But, Tsunku, WHY?)

30 Jan 11

Iwasa Misaki, 16, AKB48 Team A, Ex 7th Gen AKB48 Kenkyuusei

1 Feb 11

Fujie Reina, 17, AKB48 Team K, Ex 4th Gen AKB48 Kenkyuusei

5 Feb 11

Nakajima Saki, 17, C-ute

Current birthday members will be displayed in the side bar from now on.