Wednesday, 23 February 2011

UFA really need to fight

I just had this thought, "Who is going to be Berryz rivals next week?" Something in me just said that no matter how epic the song and PV is, If there is any Artist that is more popular than the girls, their chances of getting a high place in the weekly rankings get slimmer.

For C-ute, their only rivals i can see is Arashi which, no offence to any C-ute fans, is already a loss for the top spot. But they can still aim for No2.

Berryz on the other hand have a really fight on their hands. Both Idoling and Akanishi Jin are releasing singles the same day.

All i can find, PV wise is preview clips

Akanishi Jin - Eternal. It's really beautiful. Shit.

Idoling - Yarakai Heart. No offence to any Idoling fans out there but it's bad. Compared to Heroine, It's really shit but they are, at the moment, more popular than Berryz.

Here's hoping UFA show some fighting spirit for these girls. They've worked really hard and deserve decent sales for once.

(And i'm partly upset that i have to wait another 2 weeks after the release dates to get my copy of their singles. stupid air miles.)


  1. Not that I know anything about Idoling, but I wouldn't call this "shit" (based on this preview). Of course, it isn't anything great, but it does sound better than the last four AKB A-sides. Not better than the Watarirouka Valentine song, though.

  2. Yeah I agree. These girls deserve more than what they get! Oh and C-utes single got 4th place on its first day selling around 10-9 thousand copies. If UFA had promoted it more it would have beat Bump of chicken(2nd) and akb48(3rd) And like always Arashi with (#1) could not have beaten them. Well atleast Berryz will sing on Happy!music on 25th at 11:00 or 11:30 :)

  3. I'm not an Idoling!!! fan (I am bit of a Berryz fan), but I like the Idoling!!! song more than Berryz's. Berryz song would of been really good, but I hate the auto-tuning they did and it ruins the song for me.

    Now I don't know what Kishiko is smoking if they think it is better than AKB's last four A-sides, guess it is a matter of opinion.