Sunday, 6 February 2011


I've been so busy trying to get my cousin off my back that i've forgotten some bitrhdays. So starting from January 1st 2011, i will now wish the following girls a bappy birthday and good wishes for the year.

3 Jan 11

Umeda Ayaka,22, Original AKB48 Team K

7 Jan 11

Satou Ayano, 16, 6th Gen H!P Egg

11 Jan 11

Okouchi Misa, 26, 1st Gen SDN48

12 Jan 11

Mitsui Aika, 18, 8th Gen Morning Musume

Takeuchi Miyu, 15, AKB48 Recently Prompted 9th Gen Kenkyuusei

19 Jan 11

Ishikawa Rika, 26, Dream Morning Musume/Hangry & Angry/Ex 4th Gen Morning Musume

20 Jan 11

Yaguchi Mari, 28, Dream Morning Musume/Ex 2nd Gen Morning Musume

24 Jan 11

Nakanishi Yuuka, 22, Original SKE48 Team S, Ex 4th Gen AKB48 Kenkyuusei

27 Jan 11

Hirano Tomomi, 27, 7th Gen H!P Egg (on offence, But, Tsunku, WHY?)

30 Jan 11

Iwasa Misaki, 16, AKB48 Team A, Ex 7th Gen AKB48 Kenkyuusei

1 Feb 11

Fujie Reina, 17, AKB48 Team K, Ex 4th Gen AKB48 Kenkyuusei

5 Feb 11

Nakajima Saki, 17, C-ute

Current birthday members will be displayed in the side bar from now on.

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