Monday, 14 February 2011

1st Anniversary Of This Blog...a month late

Well start as i mean to go on. This Blog (well actually the blogger) should have celebrated her first birthday on the 18th January 2011 but forgot thinking that she started the blog this month until she decided to look over her first post........what a dope (baka, idiot, wanker, stupid, moron, etc, etc). THIS month is the 2nd anniversary of this blogger becoming a H!P fan, it's been about 8 months since i became a light fan of AKB48/SKE48 members get out of AKB48 singles cos your making it harder to recognise AKB members hater (so it only refers to Matsui J and to an extent Matsui R but i can never really remember what she looks like with out googling her so really it just the Matsui Jurina GET OUT OF AKB PV'S Fan club)

But i digress.

I decided to mark this occasion with a few purchases from CDJapan.

I don't know how many times i've said this, but I've always said that i won't get any other H!P PB until Captain gets one. And last month her's came out. But is wasn't until know that i managed to get enough money to buy it.

Beautiful isn't it. Got it Saturday but was too hung over (product of not consuming any alchol since October) to really appreciate her beauty.

Recently, I did a post on a group from Avex called Dream5. It's been so hard to even find a link to english specking sites that mention them let alone to listen to their music. 

So i just went and brought their recent single and their mini album
The Album came with a photo card of the group. sorry it's not clear.

This came with a poster

Lovely pic of all my gets.

So as a pressie to all of you, i've uploaded the Dream5 CD's

Koi no Dial 6700


The Password to access these files is Dream5 (must use a captial D when entering it)

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