Tuesday, 29 June 2010

New PB Announcement.

So. i've closed the PB polls now.

And the results are as follows....

~New PB Announcement poll~

19/49 votes

Tanaka - 7/49
Captain - 7/49
Aika - 4/49
Miya - 4/49
Airi - 4/49
Chisa - 2/49
Linlin - 2/49

~Dream PB Announcement Poll~
16/53 Votes

Captian - 14/53
Airi - 5/53
Junjun - 5/53
Tanaka - 3/53
Linlin - 3/53
Miya - 2/53
Chisa - 2/53
Kanon - 1/53
Sakitty - 1/53
Ayakadontlikeforeigners(mistranslation...on her part) - 1/53

Now for the real Announcement

Linlin, Chinami, Momoko and Aika Wallpaper

So Stupid me, forgot that i was meant to be poasting these backgrounds and banners for the Champion Picspam Poll.

So i've decided to give the poll another 2 weeks and here's Linlin, Aika, Chinami and Momoworld's backgrounds.

Remember to vote for your champ.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Initial Results

So the inital results are as followed:

1 Vote

1 vote

4 votes

2 votes

No Votes

8 votes

So Sayu is leading buy 4 Votes with a panda close behind.

So a an incentive for votes, i'll post either wallpapers and/or banners of these members. These wallpapers and banners will be featured when that member wins.

First up is Sayu and Risa

By The Way

The next set of Picspam Polls will feature the OG and current Momosu. Which means that if, IF, Sayu, Risa or Aika wins, they'll have to defend their status as Champion of Champions come August/September. But remember to vote for your favourite H!P member now. Poll is open till next week.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Berryz Koubou's 1 Minute theater Episodes 19 - 34







25 - The Chi and Miya Show

26 (20 second theatre)

27 - The Chi and Miya Show

28 - lord her voice annoys me . . . sorry Vote for MOMOWORLD in the poll


30 you'd never believe she's 18 would you?

31 - GO VOTE FOR CAPTAIN OVER AT WOTA IN TRAINING see link in left side bar


33 - My new second favourite Berryz member

34 - Berryz Enzuma 11 medley - wished that character on the right actually do some of the hand movement to it's own theme songs

Ground Demo Rouka Demo Medatsu Kimi- live 2010

One of my favioute songs on Berryz recent album. So glad to finally see it being performed, even if Yurina sounds a bit off.

Birthday Spam - Nakazawa Yuko

Happy 37th Birthday Yuu-chan.

Was recently, on this blog, voted the hardest Hardass in H!P past and present. The first Momosu and H!P Leader and The oldest member to date, Yuko, for me, is an Enternal Idol.

These links are to Yuko's graduation ceremony. I was in tears at the end as well.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Hare no Platinum Doori vs Magic Girl

So either they've paid Tsunku and UFA to have the instrumental of Tsunku and UFA are gonna be getting a settlement for this.

They're more or less the same instrumental and melody with a few obvious changes:

 - There are 3 girls instead of 2
 - Different instruments used
 - Different lyrics

But the same thing still applies here...

Do Caramel Dreams have the right to used this song?

Untill UFA says something offical about it, i guess it's just spectulations at the moment.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Am I?

I think i might be getting over my "all boy band are sooooooooo gay" thingy.

I like "man" bands. They don't look so gay. Now i like gay people, happen to swing both ways myself but for some reason i just can not stand boy bands. Wheater it's the dancing, or the clothes but it's just something that has seemed to stick with me since i was a child.

Maybe Arashi is changing my mind with this.

Than maybe not. Johnny's seems to have a lot of "gay acting" boy bands so i guess their offically a MAN BAND in my books.

Must add them to my ever growing "need to learn more about them" list.

It's my blog, i'm allowed to promote who ever i want....


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Poll Winner Picspam

Poll Results

Sayu won with 10/17 votes. So Congratulations Sayu on you win.
Captain came second with 5/17 votes, Both Yurina and Saki O had 1 vote each and it seems that no one like Yuuka. Backlash maybe over her 1st PB???

Junjun is first in the New Announcements poll with 15/38 votes. Everyone in this poll has at least 2 votes each.

Aika is winning the Dream PB poll with 14/42 votes. Saki Ogawa = Sakitty has yet to get a vote.

Remember, these polls are open untill a new PB is announced (Not Yuuka's), and you can vote as many times as you like since many people, like myself, would like to see a number of members have a PB.
This is the Picspam Champions of Champions poll. Over the next 2 weeks (maybe longer due to birthdays), you can vote for the winners of my previous polls. The winner of this poll will not only recieve a picspam and their picture in the winners spot but a Banner and background untill the next champion of champions is announced (which in Aika and Sayu's case whould be around september/october cos i don't think i could stand 6 months with them looking at me....on offence to anyone but i just don't like them)

And the Champions are:
Won with 5/13 votes
Won with 4/8 Votes

Tied with Kanon with 2/4 votes, Won tie breaker with 4/6 votes

Won with 4/9 Votes, Also happend to take over the blog when she won

Won with 4/10 votes

And finally

10/17 votes.

And to help with the vote, Here are some Posters (plus a new Sayu one, New poll, New poster)

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Please Support.....


This is not H!P related but Anime Related.

I have a New Blog which is decated to Cosplaying.

It is my goal to become a costume designer and one requirement is that i must be able to actually make costumes from scratch and making my own cosplays is a start towards that goal.

Please support me as i really would like some constructive feedback as i believe that a cosutme is never perfect, even when it is on the stage in front of an audience.

Thank you.