Saturday, 12 June 2010

New Layout

Hey, Hope you like the new layout.

Just a quick update.

Remember to Vote for the member you would like to see featured in a picspam. I'll be making a few posters so if you would like to promote a member, please use them.

I also might not be around for a while because of, mainly, not enought hours in a day to do everything that i need/want to do and i like my 8 hours of sleep which i'm not getting (hence the moody bitchy but semi true comments that i happen to be making recently ~ Yay and Nay, Completely Agree ~) and plus my laptop still isn't fixed yet (silly cousin forgot that i asked him for help) and i have to use my cousin's computer between 9 and 3 and after 10/11pm (bratty cousin says he's "doing his homework" when actually he's busy using facebook [he's underage] and youtube).

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