Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Who the HELL is Bentley Jones?

This twat was at MCM Expo this weekend (Write up coming soon) and while i was waiting for the cosplay masquerade competition, that cretin, had his "mini concert" before it. Meaning all the audience who came to watch the contest had to sit through this pratt for 20 mins.

If that wasn't bad enough, when this plonker got onstage, he acted like everyone knew who the hell he was. I had asked the guy sitting next to me if he knew who he was and low and behold, he had no clue either, while this wassock was trying to get the audience pumped, but no one was even remotly trying. Simple reason for this was the fact that we had to wait an hour and a half to see the masquerade and than another 30 mins while this tosser performed (wonder how many non swear words i can use in this one post to describe this pillock).

I ended up going on youtube on my mate's iphone and watching H&A's Top secret video which was a lot more enjoyable.

Oh i forgot to mention that i missed out on winning the complete Chrono Crusade series because i was waiting for this bonehead to get his skinny butt on stage. really gutted about that. And so was my mate who also wanted to win something but because she had entered the contest, she couldn't leave.

Speaking of my mate....

And she made that all by herself. (not the flowers)

Oh and i used 8 non swear words to discribe this lunkhead (now it's 9 words). For the meaning of some of these words, here's the page i used to help me find them.

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  1. Does he have any thing that relates to anime? Nice cosplay by the way, luv Chobits.