Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Poll Results

Sayu won with 10/17 votes. So Congratulations Sayu on you win.
Captain came second with 5/17 votes, Both Yurina and Saki O had 1 vote each and it seems that no one like Yuuka. Backlash maybe over her 1st PB???

Junjun is first in the New Announcements poll with 15/38 votes. Everyone in this poll has at least 2 votes each.

Aika is winning the Dream PB poll with 14/42 votes. Saki Ogawa = Sakitty has yet to get a vote.

Remember, these polls are open untill a new PB is announced (Not Yuuka's), and you can vote as many times as you like since many people, like myself, would like to see a number of members have a PB.
This is the Picspam Champions of Champions poll. Over the next 2 weeks (maybe longer due to birthdays), you can vote for the winners of my previous polls. The winner of this poll will not only recieve a picspam and their picture in the winners spot but a Banner and background untill the next champion of champions is announced (which in Aika and Sayu's case whould be around september/october cos i don't think i could stand 6 months with them looking at me....on offence to anyone but i just don't like them)

And the Champions are:
Won with 5/13 votes
Won with 4/8 Votes

Tied with Kanon with 2/4 votes, Won tie breaker with 4/6 votes

Won with 4/9 Votes, Also happend to take over the blog when she won

Won with 4/10 votes

And finally

10/17 votes.

And to help with the vote, Here are some Posters (plus a new Sayu one, New poll, New poster)

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