Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Completely Agree

Ok. So this is hard for me to say since i'm not a fan of Sayumi, but....

Link to Wota in Trainning post above. Please read.

Ok, so i can't stand it when she say's she's the cutest member of MM, and she can't sing, and she's so gorgeous that even if she has acne it doesn't matter cos she's so beautiful.

But just because she likes AKB doesn't mean that she deserves to be hated on for that. I like AKB even if most (majority) of their singles are crap, they always in their underwear making me feel like crap cos i look like i'm pregant (AND HELL NO I AM NOT PREGANT AND I NEVER WILL BE BECAUSE THIS WORLD CAN NOT HANDLE ME LET ALONE A MINI ME RUNNING AROUND.), and they mime in every performance that i've seen of them, and basicly they have way to many members for me to even begin to try to understand who the hell they are. But i do like some (exactly 4) of their songs and they can dance even if i have no idea if they can sing (because all the live performances that i've seen have been mimed) i still like them and will give them a go. Hell i even did a ranking of the members that i did know and reconise (i think i reconise more of them now).

And just to show that i support Sayu on her fangirlism of AKB, i will post some videos and pics of her.

(except if your that stupid racist twat that hates me because i don't like Tanaka cos i don't like racism)

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  1. okay... thanks for posting about my post and agreeing with me... um... you just pissed me off because i completely disagree with what you said about AKB48. The only times I see them lip-syncing is when they go promote singles. most artists, including musume, do that too. just saying... they wear school uniforms more than swimsuits (only two singles). thanks though.