Tuesday, 29 June 2010

New PB Announcement.

So. i've closed the PB polls now.

And the results are as follows....

~New PB Announcement poll~

19/49 votes

Tanaka - 7/49
Captain - 7/49
Aika - 4/49
Miya - 4/49
Airi - 4/49
Chisa - 2/49
Linlin - 2/49

~Dream PB Announcement Poll~
16/53 Votes

Captian - 14/53
Airi - 5/53
Junjun - 5/53
Tanaka - 3/53
Linlin - 3/53
Miya - 2/53
Chisa - 2/53
Kanon - 1/53
Sakitty - 1/53
Ayakadontlikeforeigners(mistranslation...on her part) - 1/53

Now for the real Announcement

Yes, Airi is getting her 5th PB and her 3rd solo DVD, making her the first H!P Kid to reach 5 Photobooks.
And only 4 people voted for her.

I'm guessing that UFA are only letting established idols like Airi, Ai, Sayu and Maimi get a PB and using Yuuka to help boost S/mileage sales.

I'm not a big fan of Airi, but i'm also not surprised that she getting another one what with Maimi having relased her UTB photo shoot compliation PB.  Again, i think that this is also to help boost C-ute's sales figures.
As the polls say, both Junjun, Aika and dare i say, Captain who came second in both polls, should be getting a PB. Whether UFA realise that wotas, both in Japan and around the world, are in fact waiting for these three loverly ladies (Yes i included Aika in that statement, trying to stay open minded here) to show us that they more than deserve a PB, especially Captain as she has been active in H!P the longest out of the three.

Airi, Congratulations on your new PB, i wish it every bit of sucess that it deserves.

I'm not restarting the polls again for a while as i have a few polls that i want to get out there and i really need to find the time in the day to get everything that i need/want to do done.

In the mean time.

Mina, I hope you like these pictures better. I will try to use better pics of Sayu. Hope these are better.


  1. all pictures of sayu are great except for that one PB