Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Initial Results

So the inital results are as followed:

1 Vote

1 vote

4 votes

2 votes

No Votes

8 votes

So Sayu is leading buy 4 Votes with a panda close behind.

So a an incentive for votes, i'll post either wallpapers and/or banners of these members. These wallpapers and banners will be featured when that member wins.

First up is Sayu and Risa

By The Way

The next set of Picspam Polls will feature the OG and current Momosu. Which means that if, IF, Sayu, Risa or Aika wins, they'll have to defend their status as Champion of Champions come August/September. But remember to vote for your favourite H!P member now. Poll is open till next week.

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