Thursday, 21 June 2012

Morning Musume's One・Two・Three MV


It's ok, Wasn't expecting too much to be honest but what disappointed me the most was how little screen time Zukki and Reina (i know) got.

Reina sings lead on this and she got royally shafted. While SDC (Soulless Demon Child) got half the MV, Reina had to share her screen time with the other members. When we should be seeing Reina during her lines, half the time we see other members, even SDC.

As for Zukki, i know Iikubo and Eripon also get as much screen time as her but she's at the back during the dance shot and her solo shots are less than a second each, in total she gets roughly about 2 seconds of solo screen time. We don't even get to see her smile.

ON a plus, Fukuhime is amazing in this. SDC pay attention to your senpai, THAT is how to look sexy. and Maa-chan really does look amazing in this. Her solo's have me wanting more.

But i really feel for Reina, Just when she finally gets to hog a camera she is forced to give it up to SDC.

Reina, i might not be you biggest fan but you really don't deserve this. You sing better, have a better personality and can act better and you get treated like this after 10 years of waiting in Ai's shadow.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Amazuppai is wrong on soooooo many levels

So TPF have subbed Ousama Game and i have just finished watching it.

It's good but.....

Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku is the WORST ending theme EVER!!!! 

I won't spoil the film for you but when it ends, this happy pile of shit plays and your left thinking "what idiot decided it would be good to end a horror movie with a happy idolly song?"

When Gomennasai ended, we got this dark rock song playing and it fit the mood perfectly. So how could they end this excellent film with the crap?

Ousama Game is excellent. Yurina and Airi are brilliant, the storyline is excellent, the acting is top notch and i love everything about this film. It's just the ending song. 


C-ute's B-side would have made a better ending than Amazuppa-pile of shit. 

Originally, i liked the song, not enough to stick it on my iPod but i liked it.

Now, After watching the film, Tsunku, how could you do that to this film. It's just wrong on so many levels. Why do you want to try to kill everyone? Isn't the ending enough? do you have to put a happy song on when we're trying to close our mouths?

Wrong! Completely Wrong.

But the film is AMAZING!!!!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Poll Update.

A quick Update on the Poll.

Here are the girls who have votes:
  • Kudo - 5
  • Iikubo - 4
  • Fukumura - 4
  • Natsuyaki - 3
  • Fukuda - 3
  • Ishida - 3
  • Ikuta - 3
  • Shimizu - 2
  • Sudo - 2
  • Kumai - 2
  • Suguya - 2
  • Soulless Demon Child - 1
  • Tamura - 1
  • Sato -1
I would really like to know the reason why 5 of you think Kudu should get a PB? SHE'S 12 YEARS OLD YOU SICKO'S!!!! REMEMBER GETTING HER PB WOULD BE CONSIDED CHILD PORN! (thats also true for any girl under 16 [UK age of consent])

On another note, Ishida's been given an E-Hello.

Only Iikubo left. Guess they'll leave the best till last.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Moning Musume's new profile pics

So their profile pics were updated for their 5th single. This might be the only thing i like about this single. The Matenrou Show wasn't very good for me. Too many reminders of previous H!P songs all thrown into this, plus, it's another Reina/Soulless Demon Child duet with a few others getting 1 line. Very disappointed Tsunku/UFA, very disappointed in you. But this post isn't about that, Its about these gorgeous costumes.

Lets start off with our new Leader, Sayu

Gorgeous isn't she? The hair, the make-up, everything is perfection. Guess some might want her boobs to be a little bigger but who's complaining.

Tanaka's Next

Her hair and make-up are the same as always. for some reason, i like her in this outfit but that might just be because i love any shade of Blue.

Finally it's Fukuhime

 .................................................. WHAT THE **** HAPPENED? Only yesterday she was this

I'm completely speechless. She's growing up so fast. She really is the new Sexy Musume, The Sexy Princess Musume.

Sayu has definately been at work here. Sayu can leave Momusu knowing that the PonPon's have taken the reins and will repersent Sexinees in the group from when she decides to graduate.

Just a reminder of what this girl looked like when she entered the group

What a difference.

Up Next is that Soulless Demon Child

Looks good but NEXT


WHAT THE **** DID THEY DO TO YOUR HAIR?????? Why? It looks like one of the hair styles that the muchkins have.

Iikibo Time (whis we could have had that on HPT)

Hair =

Give her a few more months and she'll be apart of Sayu's SexyKawaii Army. And that Brown Chocolate is refreshing and makes her stand out among the rainbow.

Blue Ayumi now

I'm not too sure about her hair but she looks great.

Sato Sato Sato

Couldn't they have found your colour for your shoes? They're the same as Zukki's! But your still cute as a button. Please don't change.

And last but by on means least Kutie Kudo

AND YOUR 12 YEARS OLD??????? NO F*ING WAY!!!!! Your showing up your sempais Hun. It's the hair

Some serious change, i just hope UFA aren't trying to make her grow up fast.

And as a treat, Kudo and Fukuhime from their egg days

So Cute

Thursday, 7 June 2012


I don't usually get in to arguments on Youtube (because i have a life) But this idiot has the nerve to say that Chisato sounds like a granpa and can't sing and sucks live.

I was watching the double Screen Live Ver of Chou HAPPY SONG that mbcmschannel uploaded, and decided to read the comments, like you do. and this idiot says that Chisato doesn't deserve to sing with Miyabi. Chisato, the Miyabi wota, the girl who loves it when she gets to spend time with her idol, the girl who always has nothing but praise for Miyabi doesn't deserve to sing with her??? Now the Soulless Demon Child didnn't deserve to sing with Takahashi Ai but due to her popularity (all be it from UFA) she got to.

Chisato sounds amazing, they all do. So i'm shaming theme here. I know, i should be muture and just ignore it. But. . . . THEY SAID CHISATO SOUNDS LIKE A GRANDPA!!!!!! CHISATO, ONE OF THE BEST SINGERS IN H!P, SINGS LIKE A GRANDPA!!!!!

Heres the full conversation:
  • i hate chisato she doesn't deserve a solo along Miyabi TeaLuvStyles 7 hours ago 
  • Actually, Chisato is Miyabi's biggest fan, she's always prasing her and wanting to spend more time with her. And she's also been waiting a long time to sing lead in songs, plus she has a wonderful voice. DGander1610 in reply to TeaLuvStyles (Show the comment) 5 hours ago
  • No Airi has a wonderful voice. Airi should always get the big solo. Plus Airi and Miya sound so good together. TeaLuvStyles in reply to DGander1610 (Show the comment) 4 hours ago
  • So what if Airi and Miya sound good together? you can hear them sing together all the time in Buono! Chisa has been raising in popularity recently and UFA want to carry on pushing her. And anyway, Airi ALWAYS leads, hell she leads in this song as well.. Let the girl Sing! She's been wanting more lines since she debut!!!! DGander1610 in reply to TeaLuvStyles (Show the comment) 1 hour ago
  • Well its not our fault that her voice sounds like a grandpas. She sounds horrible hence why she doesnt get any leads because she sucks live. TeaLuvStyles in reply to DGander1610 (Show the comment) 6 minutes ago 
HOW????Do they ear drums? Are they tone death? Has listening to Sashihara Rino ruined their apprication for great vocals? (Don't hate, the song is good but you all know she sucks)

I haven't replied because i might do something that i'll regret (like telling them what they need their hearing testing and where to go find idols that actuall sound like grandpa who actually are grandpas and what nots)

On a carmer note, Captain get lines with the lead 4 of Berrys in a single. I know that she gots lines in other releases but this one is special. This is a collab single and out of the 3 back Berryz, she gets lines. Fangirling.

Monday, 4 June 2012


 With the flow of recent PB's announce, Airi's 6th, Reina's long awaited 8th titled Kira ★ Kira, Gaki's last (with in Momosu), i thought it was time that we had a guess as to who would get on this year.

Below is a list of all the girls who either have yet to receive one or their last PB was at least 7/8 months ago.

Shimizu Saki
Has a PB, Shimizu Saki, and a DVD, SAKI, both released Jan 12 2011. Would love another PB, this time showing her love for dancing and her everyday life as a 20 yr old.

Tokunaga Chinami
Has a PB, Chinami, released Sept 11 2009

Sudo Maasa
Has a PB, Maasa, released March 11 2009

Natsuyaki Miyabi
Has a PB, MIYABI, released May 31 2007 and DVD, E-Hello: NATURAL & COOL. Seriously deserves a new one

Kumai Yurina
Has 3 PB's, Yurina, FLOWERAGE and KumaSpo!, last one was released Dec 17 2010 and 3 DVD's, KumaSpo!, E-Hello: one day in autunm and Lily

Syguya Risako
Has 4 PB's, Risako, pure+, Ring3 ~Rin Rin Rin~ and Risou which was released Nov 27 2009. She has 2 DVD's, Sugaya Risako in Hokkaido and E-Hello: Le Soleil. Maybe it's because she got bigger
since her last one that she hasn't gotten a new one.

Okai Chisato
Has a PB, Chisato, released Dec 24 2010, and 2 DVD's, Chissaa and E-Hello: IMP.GIR. This girl needs to keep releasing things including her youtube videos. I've noticed that the girls of Passpo are posting dance covers of their dances on their channel and Up Up Girls are doing H!P dance coversas well so Chissa needs to reclaim her throne.

Iikubo Haruna
Has nothing (Expecting an E-Hello DVD soon titled Greetings ~Iikubo Haruna~)

Fukuda Kanon
Has yet to recieve anything (and really needs something before Take-chan and Meimei get theirs) If the new member get one before her it will be the 4th biggest crime to have happened to the original S/mileage members.

Hagiwara Mai
Has a PB, Hagiwara Mai, released Oct 10 2009, and 2 DVD's, Hagiwara Mai in Hachijojima and E-Hello: Mizuiro

Fukumura Mizuki
Has 1 solo DVD, e-Hello: Greetings ~Fukumura Mizuki~. Lord, i pray, give this princess a PB, Please?

Ishida Ayumi
Has nothing (Expecting an E-Hello DVD soon titled Greetings ~Ishida Ayumi~) Will most likely be the first out of 10th gen to get one what with her being pushed.

Nakanishi Kana
Has yet to receive anything (ant i doubt she will any time soon). Face it. Never gonna happen.

Ikuta Erina
Has 1 solo DVD, E-Hello: Greetings ~Itkuta Erina~. it would be great for her to get one. She's come on so much in with the modeling and posing.

Takeuchi Akari
Has yet to receive anything (will get something soon). It would be great if she could get a PB with Maimi wouldn't it?

Katsuta Rina
Has yet to receive anything (will wait till after 13th gen arrive before she gets anything) Face it, she's the least popular member in H!P meaning she won't even get a look in until S/mileage has like 6yrs on them.

Sayashi Riho
Has a PB, Sayashi Riho, released August 27 2011, and 2 DVD's, Riho and E-Hello: Greetings ~Sayashi Riho~. Was too young for the first one and will still be too young for the next one which I'm sure is on the way.

Suzuki Kanon
Has a solo DVD, E-Hello:Greetings ~Suzuki Kanon~. As much as i love this girl, 1) she's too young, 2)she has more meat on her than the other girls, 3)with the little promotion she gets, she unlikely to get one any time soon.

Tamura Meimi
Has yet to receive anything (but will get something soon). Too young and might be top of the S/mileage list for a PB

Sato Masaki
Has a solo DVD, E-Hello:Greetings ~Sato Masaki~. Another girl i think is too young for a PB, but would be good for her to have one.

Kudo Haruka
Has a solo DVD, E-Hello:Greetings ~Kudo Haruka~. Kutie is too too young for one. But her new hair cut makes her look older than her 12 yrs.

The poll is in the side bar to the left. Voting will close when the next PB is announced.