Thursday, 7 June 2012


I don't usually get in to arguments on Youtube (because i have a life) But this idiot has the nerve to say that Chisato sounds like a granpa and can't sing and sucks live.

I was watching the double Screen Live Ver of Chou HAPPY SONG that mbcmschannel uploaded, and decided to read the comments, like you do. and this idiot says that Chisato doesn't deserve to sing with Miyabi. Chisato, the Miyabi wota, the girl who loves it when she gets to spend time with her idol, the girl who always has nothing but praise for Miyabi doesn't deserve to sing with her??? Now the Soulless Demon Child didnn't deserve to sing with Takahashi Ai but due to her popularity (all be it from UFA) she got to.

Chisato sounds amazing, they all do. So i'm shaming theme here. I know, i should be muture and just ignore it. But. . . . THEY SAID CHISATO SOUNDS LIKE A GRANDPA!!!!!! CHISATO, ONE OF THE BEST SINGERS IN H!P, SINGS LIKE A GRANDPA!!!!!

Heres the full conversation:
  • i hate chisato she doesn't deserve a solo along Miyabi TeaLuvStyles 7 hours ago 
  • Actually, Chisato is Miyabi's biggest fan, she's always prasing her and wanting to spend more time with her. And she's also been waiting a long time to sing lead in songs, plus she has a wonderful voice. DGander1610 in reply to TeaLuvStyles (Show the comment) 5 hours ago
  • No Airi has a wonderful voice. Airi should always get the big solo. Plus Airi and Miya sound so good together. TeaLuvStyles in reply to DGander1610 (Show the comment) 4 hours ago
  • So what if Airi and Miya sound good together? you can hear them sing together all the time in Buono! Chisa has been raising in popularity recently and UFA want to carry on pushing her. And anyway, Airi ALWAYS leads, hell she leads in this song as well.. Let the girl Sing! She's been wanting more lines since she debut!!!! DGander1610 in reply to TeaLuvStyles (Show the comment) 1 hour ago
  • Well its not our fault that her voice sounds like a grandpas. She sounds horrible hence why she doesnt get any leads because she sucks live. TeaLuvStyles in reply to DGander1610 (Show the comment) 6 minutes ago 
HOW????Do they ear drums? Are they tone death? Has listening to Sashihara Rino ruined their apprication for great vocals? (Don't hate, the song is good but you all know she sucks)

I haven't replied because i might do something that i'll regret (like telling them what they need their hearing testing and where to go find idols that actuall sound like grandpa who actually are grandpas and what nots)

On a carmer note, Captain get lines with the lead 4 of Berrys in a single. I know that she gots lines in other releases but this one is special. This is a collab single and out of the 3 back Berryz, she gets lines. Fangirling.


  1. Lol i just saw it (so you are DGander1610? xD)

    I was about to answer him/her, but i know´s not a good idea if he/she replies me xD i love Chisato so much

    I guess some people are still angry with the fact that she took her chance. Obviously she/he would need to follow C-ute more close to notice Chisato´s talent

  2. that jerk has the nerve to say that because i want to be adult and not continue playing childrens games with them that i'm being conceded and that they go to Harvard University.

    1) It's conceited nor conceded
    2)i said that i didn't want to lower myself to that of a petty teenager, when did i say that they were a petty teenager.

    Here's the next part of the con:

    i refuse to continue on with this arguement because, even though you are clearly mistaken, i am an adult and as an adult, i refuse to lower myself to that of a petty teenager.

    DGander1610 in reply to TeaLuvStyles (Show the comment) 20 hours ago

    Sorry to tell you but I am not a petty teenager, I am actually academically gifted and going to Harvard University, and just in case you didn't know that is the number one university in the world. You are really conceded and maybe you should actually base your facts on the talent and not on your unsophisticated opinion.

    TeaLuvStyles in reply to DGander1610 (Show the comment) 19 hours ago

    1) i wasn't calling u a teenager, i was saying that I, ME, am an adult and i don't want to act like a teenager. Where in that comment am i being CONDEITED?

    2) this whole argument is petty

    3)WHO GIVE A FLYING RATS ARES WHERE YOU GO TO UNIVERSITY!!!!! Just the fact that ur mentioning that means that your the one who is CONCEITED. I am a Chisato/C-ute fan and as a fan, when someone says horrible things about my idol, i want to tell them why they are wrong. HOw hard is that to undersatand

    DGander1610 in reply to TeaLuvStyles 1 second ago

    Luck for me, 2 other viewers told this jerk off

    Okay Ms. "Harvard University", next time please be aware of the difference between conceded and conceited before trying to put someone down with your self-proclaimed academic prowess. C-ute are all awesome and Chisa's singing is absolutely fine.

    Anyway, this collaboration is great job! BeriKyuu are the future!

    ninpohimiko in reply to TeaLuvStyles (Show the comment) 15 hours ago

    Then tell me why she has her own Solo Concert and Tour? -___- Get your facts together, she has a great voice!

    BeachBabi1o1 in reply to TeaLuvStyles (Show the comment) 14 hours ago

    Sometimes you have got to love Youtube.

  3. ^
    Lol, I wouldn't let that person's comment bother you... He/she's just a troll who jealous of Chisa great singing ability! Pay that person no mind! XD

  4. Don't eat that bait, its only make that troll person happy..