Monday, 4 June 2012


 With the flow of recent PB's announce, Airi's 6th, Reina's long awaited 8th titled Kira ★ Kira, Gaki's last (with in Momosu), i thought it was time that we had a guess as to who would get on this year.

Below is a list of all the girls who either have yet to receive one or their last PB was at least 7/8 months ago.

Shimizu Saki
Has a PB, Shimizu Saki, and a DVD, SAKI, both released Jan 12 2011. Would love another PB, this time showing her love for dancing and her everyday life as a 20 yr old.

Tokunaga Chinami
Has a PB, Chinami, released Sept 11 2009

Sudo Maasa
Has a PB, Maasa, released March 11 2009

Natsuyaki Miyabi
Has a PB, MIYABI, released May 31 2007 and DVD, E-Hello: NATURAL & COOL. Seriously deserves a new one

Kumai Yurina
Has 3 PB's, Yurina, FLOWERAGE and KumaSpo!, last one was released Dec 17 2010 and 3 DVD's, KumaSpo!, E-Hello: one day in autunm and Lily

Syguya Risako
Has 4 PB's, Risako, pure+, Ring3 ~Rin Rin Rin~ and Risou which was released Nov 27 2009. She has 2 DVD's, Sugaya Risako in Hokkaido and E-Hello: Le Soleil. Maybe it's because she got bigger
since her last one that she hasn't gotten a new one.

Okai Chisato
Has a PB, Chisato, released Dec 24 2010, and 2 DVD's, Chissaa and E-Hello: IMP.GIR. This girl needs to keep releasing things including her youtube videos. I've noticed that the girls of Passpo are posting dance covers of their dances on their channel and Up Up Girls are doing H!P dance coversas well so Chissa needs to reclaim her throne.

Iikubo Haruna
Has nothing (Expecting an E-Hello DVD soon titled Greetings ~Iikubo Haruna~)

Fukuda Kanon
Has yet to recieve anything (and really needs something before Take-chan and Meimei get theirs) If the new member get one before her it will be the 4th biggest crime to have happened to the original S/mileage members.

Hagiwara Mai
Has a PB, Hagiwara Mai, released Oct 10 2009, and 2 DVD's, Hagiwara Mai in Hachijojima and E-Hello: Mizuiro

Fukumura Mizuki
Has 1 solo DVD, e-Hello: Greetings ~Fukumura Mizuki~. Lord, i pray, give this princess a PB, Please?

Ishida Ayumi
Has nothing (Expecting an E-Hello DVD soon titled Greetings ~Ishida Ayumi~) Will most likely be the first out of 10th gen to get one what with her being pushed.

Nakanishi Kana
Has yet to receive anything (ant i doubt she will any time soon). Face it. Never gonna happen.

Ikuta Erina
Has 1 solo DVD, E-Hello: Greetings ~Itkuta Erina~. it would be great for her to get one. She's come on so much in with the modeling and posing.

Takeuchi Akari
Has yet to receive anything (will get something soon). It would be great if she could get a PB with Maimi wouldn't it?

Katsuta Rina
Has yet to receive anything (will wait till after 13th gen arrive before she gets anything) Face it, she's the least popular member in H!P meaning she won't even get a look in until S/mileage has like 6yrs on them.

Sayashi Riho
Has a PB, Sayashi Riho, released August 27 2011, and 2 DVD's, Riho and E-Hello: Greetings ~Sayashi Riho~. Was too young for the first one and will still be too young for the next one which I'm sure is on the way.

Suzuki Kanon
Has a solo DVD, E-Hello:Greetings ~Suzuki Kanon~. As much as i love this girl, 1) she's too young, 2)she has more meat on her than the other girls, 3)with the little promotion she gets, she unlikely to get one any time soon.

Tamura Meimi
Has yet to receive anything (but will get something soon). Too young and might be top of the S/mileage list for a PB

Sato Masaki
Has a solo DVD, E-Hello:Greetings ~Sato Masaki~. Another girl i think is too young for a PB, but would be good for her to have one.

Kudo Haruka
Has a solo DVD, E-Hello:Greetings ~Kudo Haruka~. Kutie is too too young for one. But her new hair cut makes her look older than her 12 yrs.

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  1. I agree with you about all the young ones being too 'young' to get PB's, but still getting them anyway - when it was announce for Riho's 1st PB, I wanted to burn something - who would want to look at a KID IN A BIKINI?

    I'm honestly hoping Haruna gets one for her 18th. Lala but I will be waiting a while before she gets one, me thinks:/