Thursday, 21 June 2012

Morning Musume's One・Two・Three MV


It's ok, Wasn't expecting too much to be honest but what disappointed me the most was how little screen time Zukki and Reina (i know) got.

Reina sings lead on this and she got royally shafted. While SDC (Soulless Demon Child) got half the MV, Reina had to share her screen time with the other members. When we should be seeing Reina during her lines, half the time we see other members, even SDC.

As for Zukki, i know Iikubo and Eripon also get as much screen time as her but she's at the back during the dance shot and her solo shots are less than a second each, in total she gets roughly about 2 seconds of solo screen time. We don't even get to see her smile.

ON a plus, Fukuhime is amazing in this. SDC pay attention to your senpai, THAT is how to look sexy. and Maa-chan really does look amazing in this. Her solo's have me wanting more.

But i really feel for Reina, Just when she finally gets to hog a camera she is forced to give it up to SDC.

Reina, i might not be you biggest fan but you really don't deserve this. You sing better, have a better personality and can act better and you get treated like this after 10 years of waiting in Ai's shadow.


  1. I watched the video and counted on each of the jump cuts what girls were on screen. If it was a dance shot I only counted it if it was different from the previously released dance shot and only if the girls in question were looking at the camera. Close ups were easy. The spinning swirling parts counted everyone. I did this for every cut - the number is how many times they're on screen. I did not count seconds because I do not hate myself but I counted each and every jump cut (if it was on a girl and jump cut to be on the same girl) which consequently helped out Misaki and Fukumura the most: Ayumi 47, Fukumura 33, Iikubo 17, Ikuta 29, Kanon 19, Kudou 24, Misaki 23, Reina 45, Riho 64, Sayumi 47 are the totals I got.

    1. even though Iikubo got the least shots, some of the shots lasted longer than Kanon's did. but thanks for doing that. It shows who UFA are trying to promote and who they don't really care about.