Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Moning Musume's new profile pics

So their profile pics were updated for their 5th single. This might be the only thing i like about this single. The Matenrou Show wasn't very good for me. Too many reminders of previous H!P songs all thrown into this, plus, it's another Reina/Soulless Demon Child duet with a few others getting 1 line. Very disappointed Tsunku/UFA, very disappointed in you. But this post isn't about that, Its about these gorgeous costumes.

Lets start off with our new Leader, Sayu

Gorgeous isn't she? The hair, the make-up, everything is perfection. Guess some might want her boobs to be a little bigger but who's complaining.

Tanaka's Next

Her hair and make-up are the same as always. for some reason, i like her in this outfit but that might just be because i love any shade of Blue.

Finally it's Fukuhime

 .................................................. WHAT THE **** HAPPENED? Only yesterday she was this

I'm completely speechless. She's growing up so fast. She really is the new Sexy Musume, The Sexy Princess Musume.

Sayu has definately been at work here. Sayu can leave Momusu knowing that the PonPon's have taken the reins and will repersent Sexinees in the group from when she decides to graduate.

Just a reminder of what this girl looked like when she entered the group

What a difference.

Up Next is that Soulless Demon Child

Looks good but NEXT


WHAT THE **** DID THEY DO TO YOUR HAIR?????? Why? It looks like one of the hair styles that the muchkins have.

Iikibo Time (whis we could have had that on HPT)

Hair =

Give her a few more months and she'll be apart of Sayu's SexyKawaii Army. And that Brown Chocolate is refreshing and makes her stand out among the rainbow.

Blue Ayumi now

I'm not too sure about her hair but she looks great.

Sato Sato Sato

Couldn't they have found your colour for your shoes? They're the same as Zukki's! But your still cute as a button. Please don't change.

And last but by on means least Kutie Kudo

AND YOUR 12 YEARS OLD??????? NO F*ING WAY!!!!! Your showing up your sempais Hun. It's the hair

Some serious change, i just hope UFA aren't trying to make her grow up fast.

And as a treat, Kudo and Fukuhime from their egg days

So Cute

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  1. You remember in Mean Girls how Regina snaps at one of her hangers on "Quit trying to make fetch happen!"

    Sometimes, just a little, in my heart of hearts I want to tell that to UFA about Riho. I mean I know they want her to go over but I can just feel them pushing and it's not effortless. All I can think of is them constantly shoving Takahashi in my face from years before going "NOOO SERIOUSLY SHE IZ R STAAAR" and me going "...Yep. Still Ai. Sings well, kinda cute, not very interesting Ai."