Monday, 4 June 2012


It's such a shame but just when they finally get a decent song, it has to be in the genre of music i cannot stand.

I'm a adult so to all those who are underage (18 here in UK), Drink responsibly, and don't do what I'm about to say. (oh and Here for the other things that you shouldn't do when drunk)

I don't really like music like this

i only like it when I'm so drunk that i can't even tell what I'm doing let alone what I'm listening to, and that usually ends up with me making out with some random drunk guy. So you can forgive me for saying that Momusu's new single (well the one that everyone has heard) reminds my of time with me ex who usually was the person who benefited from what happens to me when confronted with club music (and the reason is also the reason why i love Kanashimi Twilight so much)

I didn't want to say anything until a better version came out, but i really do not like this song.

I don't like that it's the Reina-Riho show. I was hoping that maybe Mizuki and Haruka would get more solo's but because of the vocal effects, all i can hear is Reina, Riho and Sayu.

And specking of vocal effect, there's too much of it. I'm used to Sayu being auto-tuned to death but to us it on ALL the girls? How are they suppose to sing this live? I love hearing Momusu sing their singles live, it shows us that they're different to all the other idols out there who need the vocal track to perform their singles live and it also shows us how much the girls are growing vocally. this is just going in the posit direction. if UFA are scared about the new girl's voices, than they shouldn't have graduated Ai and Risa when they did. They should of had new additions years ago.

And like i said, the type of music for me is in the worst genre for my ears. I can take rock, heavy metal, pop, 80's, hip-hop, 25p's crap (well it's actually 33p but it's a nickname that some British comedian gave 50 cent ages ago) anything but House, techno and dance. My ears cannot take it. I'm OK with the light stuff but when it gets heavy like this song, i turn off.

don't get me wrong, it's a good song and i really hope The Matenrou Show has more than the 2 R's singing on this but this is a song that won't grow on me.



    I don't know what I will think of this song AFTER the PV has come out, but I don't like it! I avoid Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Perfume for a reason! I hate electro-pop and auto tune! Auto tune is fine for a random attack, like Renai Hunter, Only You etc - but all the time? Noooooooo!

  2. Morning Musume uses vocal tracks too, but that usually depends on which program they are on. Plenty of other idol groups have done live vocals on programs as well but again it tends to depend on which program they are on.