Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Can i handle 11th gen????

That's a good question.

I've just gotten a handle on 9th gen and 10th gen is growing on me a bit, but 11th gen?

I knew it was coming what with Ai, Gaki and Aika's graduations all being so close. I guess i'm still trying to get use to Momosu changing, afterall, i did become a fan when they hadn't had any form of a line up change for a while.

I'm not going to comment on the graduations because what's there to say? Gaki wasn't my favourite but i'll miss her vocally since it seems like UFA/Tsunku aren't pushing the stronger vocalist from the new members and i didn't missed Aika at all while she was recovering (yeah i know, harse but true).

Don't get me wrong, i am lookng forward to what the auditions will being but i'm also not holding any form of hope that Karin will join (and for all those hoping uca will audition, i would like her too but i wouldn't be surprised if she ended up in the eggs, sorry, Kenkyuusei and was forsed to stop doing her videos).

What i am looking for is a girl/girls around 16/17 who have amazing voices NOW not in 5 years time. I'm looking for someone who loves Morning Musume, who have tons of personality and can move Riho back to her minor lead role (i really need someone who can reduce her lines so that i can actually listen to a Momosu song without having to lower the volume/completely skip her parts so that i can enjoy the song fully)

Right now, Vocally, only 3 members can really sing with little trouble,

 3 members have stand out personalities,

 and only 1 ace
Yes, she knows she's the top bitch now Gaki's gone.

While others are still growing in those departments,

 (They still need more time to stand out even though they already stand out, 9th gen still own them when it comes to TV appearances)

Untill she stops screeching her lines
i believe that UFA/Tsunku need to add 2 girls max to the group. Adding another 4 girls under 15 would be hard on 9th gen, 10th gen and us fans.

Hopefully UFA has their act together and is going to do everything they can to promote these girls, if they don't then what is the point of adding new girls if they can't promote the ones they already have?

(Sorry if this isn't up to my usual standard, having trouble seeing out of one of my eyes at the moment)

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