Monday, 21 May 2012

Calling all Dream5 Fans.

So i've realise that creating a page on this site just for Dream5 is going to slow down EVERYBODY'S computers what with all the videos that i keep uploading/finding.

So i decided to create a blog just for them.

All you need is a Dream

I know it's a little basic right now but it is a work in progress. I'm just trying to create a blog for that gets updated regularly. 

I'm looking for fans of the group, new and old, to help me with running the blog.

You can write reviews, post pics, write opinions, share anything related to the group even translating their staff twits is fine as long as we can give more and more people info on this group.

If you are interested, pleae give me your email address in the comments box. don't worry about others getting the address as i always read comments before posting them.


  1. Would you still need some extra help with the blog? :O I'm interested cause I keep up with Dream5 daily.