Thursday, 3 May 2012

Dream5 PV Post

For all you Dream5 Fans out there, i have searched, and brought, and uploaded and searched again for as many Dream5 PV's, dance shots and album videos as i can. i will create a Page just for this group so that everyone who either wants to get to know them or is fed up of searching for videos of the group can just come here and enjoy. If there is a song the the group has and you can not find it, please leave a message with as much info as you can get, and i'll look for it.


I Don't Obey ~Bokura no Pride~

Bokura no Natsu

Koi no Dial 6700

Like & Peace

Kira Kira Everyday

Dream5 Kira Kira Everyday PV by Kirakira1610

I My Me Mine

Dream5 I★my★me★mine (お試しFull ver.) by kabaman2001


[PV] Dream5 - EZ DO DANCE (full ver.) by kabaman2001

Album Videos:

Tabidachi no Uta

Dream5 - タビダチノウタ - MyVideo

Gakuren Tengoku


Dandan GROW UP!

Arigatou ~Kimi ni Todoketai Melody~

Other Videos:

WA ninatte Odorou

Open Sesame

Dream5 Open Sesame by Kirakira1610


Dream5 Nichiyoubi by Kirakira1610

Koi no Daiyogen

Dream5 Koi no Daiyogen by Kirakira1610

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