Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Two Things

Two things have pissed me off recently.

1) Saying that Maasa has fat legs and that Zukkie needs to lose some weight
2) Saying that AKB is more talented than H!P and not even bothering to try to prove it to me.

Maasa does not have fat legs. Yes, she is a little bigger than the other 5 girls, but her legs are perfect for her. They are nice and shapely and the muscles she has in them could hurt you if you tried to slap them. You can only get legs like that from years of training. She IS NOT Fat.

Zukki is NOT fat. We don't know what she eats off camera. She could eat really healthily for all we know. It's mainly the clothes she wears and the girls she stands next to that makes her look bigger.

Neither girl is no more that a size 8/10 (UK size) and i might be wrong with that, But to say that they are fat and that they need to lay off the food is wrong.

Girls have many problems when it comes to their weight. Stress is a major factor in it as well. Girls either put on weight of lose weight. The fact that they are exercising everyday means that their bodies are doing everything it can to maintain itself. Don't forget that they ARE GIRLS!!! Girls put on weight every month whether they want to or not, and believe me when i say that it's a pain when you go to put on your favourite skirt that fit you last week and it can't fit now because of that 'girl' thing. It's a pain.

Remember, Maasa did lose the weight but she didn't look quite right to me, and now she's put it back on, i personally think she looks great.

When your not in the right mind for certain things like girls weight, it can really get you mad. These girls already get it from their management, media and themselves, we as fans should remember that they are young and they are trying their best and that girls are an extremely complicated species.

As for the which group is more talented then the other.

This youtube video

Started it for me, well continued it more like.

Bear in mind that i only got into J-Pop because of H!P. In 2009/early 2010 i focused more on H!P than anything else so when i started listening to other groups and artists, i use H!P and my personal experiences with Western music as a marker for how good something is.

With this in mind, i basically ignored the video as it really wasn't a good comparison are decided to read the comments.

One comment mad me want to write something

  • Who sings better? H!P.
    Who wears less clothes? AKB48.
    Understand why they sell more...?
I just thought, that's not right. Have you seen V-U-Den? Have you seen Goto Maki? Have you seen Ishikawa Rika's PB's?

so i replied
  • They only sell more because their management is better. It's not about the clothes cos at the end of the day, it doesn't matter that H!P are generally more talented than AKB, It's down to how each group are promoted and AKB basically whore themselves out (Sorry to be blunt but it is true. Just look at the amount of CM's they do for rivalling companies).
Which for me is true. but some hard core AKB fan decided to concentrate on on the fact that i said that H!P is more talented and proceeded to list off names of girls with nicknames that i have no idea about and they expect me, a H!P fan who really has no real interest in AKB with the exception of DiVA and Sato Amina, all of who i know can sing because i actually had the time to look for videos of them singing solo.
  • AKB48 has far way more talent than H!P, tell me, how many good vocalist does H!P have?
    Reina, Riho, Mizuki, Aika, Miyabi, Momoko, Yurina, Airi, Maimi, Chisato, Kanon, Akari and Ayaka.
    How Many good vocalist AKB48 has?
    Takamina, Acchan, Kojiharu, Misaki, Akicha, Asuka, Sasshi, Haruka, Natsumi, Rabutan (Team A) Yuko, Tomochin, Sayaka, Umechan, Nito Moeno, Yui, Sae, Miichan (team K) Tomo~mi, Yukirin, Mayuyu, Yuka, Miho, Natsuki, And that's not mentioning the team 4.

My reply was

  • with the exception of the girls from DiVA, link me to 10 songs where those girls where are not lipsycning and MAYBE I'll change my mind about them.
So is it wrong of me to ask them to give me 10 example of said girls singing solo and not lipsycning?

another thing that got my worked up was that they only named the girls that sing lead. Captain, Nakky, Maimai, Rina, Maasa, Risako when she's in a good mood, Gaki and Haruka can all sing better that Meada Atsuko IN MY OPINION. Although she can sing better than Riho and Ayaka (i can understand Riho being there but i have no idea why Ayaka is on that list),  Tomochin is very weak, Saashi should just give up, she's weaker than Sayu when she's just sang and danced to a melody of 5 high-energy songs live on stage and I'm not a fan of Mayuyu.

I guess the only reason why i got Angy with this comment is because i know H!P girls can sing. They sing live majority of the time (the music shows they've been on recently have been either adding vocals to their performances during post production or actually making them lipsycn.

I like it when people try to get me to think about what I'm writing, it not only makes me a better writer but also a better person as i get to think about what i am saying and whether i feel like they have made a valid point. What i don't like is when people just state the facts and don't back it up.

My statement about their management is better is true, anyone can see that in regards to sales. And about them whoring them selves out for CM's, just look at the amount of CM's when you type in AKB48 CM's and, not including CM's for singles, look at the amount of products that come up.

Majority of my readers here are H!P fans so i feel i don't really need to back up what I'm saying sometimes as i know they know what I'm taking about. But as an AKB noob, You need to back up your statements to me to get your point across.

Rant over.

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