Monday, 26 April 2010

Hey All....

Hey all. Sorry for not updating, been busy trying to figure out what exactly the meaning of life is and failing at it.

So, where to begin....

Well Berryz 23rd single has been announced. The titles not been comfirmed yet but it isn't a double (Thank the lord, i don't mind double a-sides but the wait between when each PV is released really got on my nerves. Especially with their last single, i mean, Why was Otakebi Boy PV released like the day before the single was released? Talk about bad promotion). From the information i got off of Hello! Sayunii, they've done a new version of Otakebi Boy titled Otakebi Boy WOW! (Spark Version)....Looking forward to hearing that. Only thing is that their still doing the ending theme to that god awful football anime/game/whatever the hell it is all i know is that it involves THE wrost sport ever invented buy the British and the THRID wrost sport in the world (Golf and Snooker come before). Anyway, I'm always looking forward to hearing what Berryz comes up with.

* * *

A Preview of Manoeri's new PV has been of the good song with a shit PV again and just when her singles were becoming less boring.

* * *

For some reason i knew this was coming. The anime which is bad(only to me just because i'm a grown 20 something young lady and i really shouldn't be watching things made for 10 yr olds), Lilpri, has a new H!P Unit called....Lilpri. And the Members of said unit.....are the S/mileage girls that play the main characters, Kanon, Yuuka and Ayaka (God help me). If you want to hear what their first single sounds like, Heres a link to the second episode.....It the opening track which is heavily synthesized (And happens to be an improvement for a certian member (Start Rant) who shall remain nameless due to the horrible rendition of my dear Captian's lines in Ike ZYX! Fly High at the H!P 2010 Shuffle tour which has made me take a good, long, hard look at the members of S/mileage and thinking that this certian person, although very cute, should not be there and that Saho Akari should be in the group and not stuck in the eggs when she can quite clearly keep up with the wonders that are Natsuyaki and Suzuki, which that song should have a PV for as it would look amazing (End Rant)).

* * *

The Shuffle Groups are getting new singles released, But in 2 large compilation single groups and not separate single releases which is a bummer. The first single (titled Compilation Single A (very original)) has Tanpopo #, Pucchimoni V, and Shin Mini Moni, and the second single (Compilation Single B) Has High-King, ZYX-a, Aa!, and Zoku Biyuuden (Why oh WHY is this happening). Heres hoping fo separate PVs.

* * *

Yajima Maimi has a new photobook which is made up of all her UTB Photo shots, interview and what nots.....Still waiting for Captian and Chisa to get what they deserve. Kinda a bit bored with hearing the same names popping up for PB's all the time. Don't get me wrong, I think that this PB is a great idea but i'm just fed up with PB's always going to the most exposed members of H!P. I bet that Aika's gonna get her's next just because A) She's in Morning Musume and B)everyone can't stop taking about (how rubbish she is, how she shouldn't be there, how much she reminds people of a dog...) Her.

* * *

On the topic of PB's, some previews of Sayu's 'la' PB has been released and i really think that she should quite MM and go into modeling. Just as long as she doesn't do a Gaki(Bad Hair Cut) or a Koharu(Dye Job That Does Not Suit Her) she should be fine.

* * *

I missed a lot of birthdays this month (mainly cos either i wasn't paying attention or i just didn't like the members that had a B-day) so my next couple of posts will be a Picspam of each member, Risako, Manoeri, Airi and Yossi(should have really celebrated Yosshi's since i'm going to she her live next month)

* * *

Specking of Yosshi, Hangry and Angry Officals have said a number of things about their European concerts.

1) There will be signings in Paris and Berlin which happens to be extremely not fair to those unlucky enough to be only going to the London gig.

2) there will be a Question and Answer session at all the venues.....BUT all questions will be asked but only 2 members of the audience and all questions have to be submitted before hand to either of these sites

International Wota
Hello! Blog (Has said that you have to be going to the concerts)

Not that i can think of an original question to ask but we have been given insturctions not to ask any personal questions and that we should have at least 2 questions prepared.

On the plus side, there will be a photo session at every venue so look out readers, you might see me post a pic of me with the girls (not i'm wishing that my loan can earlier so that i could have enrolled onto a local Japanese language course i was looking into)

* * *

With the new Background, If you don't like it, Please leave a message in Spamalot, i've finally managed to work out how to do it (with a little help from another blog that does templates and told me how to change the background) i'll also welcome suggestions on possible backgrounds, i'm trying to keep the Saki theme going here.

* * *

Just giving a warning that i won't be posting anything between 12th and 17th of May due to a trip to Birmingham, Nottingham and Alton Towers (British Theme park with wicked rides that i'm currently shitting myself just thinking about them. Click here to see what the hell i'm talking about.)

* * *

By the way, the next Picspam poll will not Be until mid June methinks due to the fact that i have Linlin, Risako, Manoeri, Airi, Yosshi, Charmy, Hangry and Angry (Doing separate one of them in their alias') and a cosplay Picspam posts, maybe any more birthdays that are coming up (Chii, Ume-chan, Asuna Okai aka the 'ugly' Okai sister, Irori Maeda aka the egg that took over Kanon's place in SCE and Kikkawa Yuu)and my trip to the midlands.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Bad Hair Dayz

Recently, there have been some new hair styles amoung the H!P members both Past and Present. But a minority have gotten it COMPLETELY wrong...

First Miyabi

Although her hair looks good in this picture

Then Gaki



And now Koharu

All i can ask is Why? Why? Oh Why? Oh Why? You all had such loverly hair, Why the horrible Change?

The only major changes that actually look good are....


And Ogawa

Please UFA, Please stop chopping off/colouring their beautiful locks.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Single Rankings - V-U-Den

I think that the only reason why this group was formed was because of the "success" of Country Musume ni Ishikawa Rika. Think about it, She's ALWAYS in the center and She has the lead in EVERY song

Bring on the Sexy Ladies with the Crappy songs.

10) Kurenai no Kisetsu
WTF!!!!!!! It's the only song not completely centered around Charmy but it was also the only song i tuned out of after 1.54. i think i gave it 1.50 more than it deserved.

9) Issai Gassai Anata ni A-Ge-Ru
Another WTF!!!!!! The PV made me think or Berryz Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND, i think it was the Microphones but 1 thing was bothering me though out the PV. Why was Charmy the only one with her butt showing? I know she has a nice one but still, don't the other girls have nice bums as well? and Yeah i don't like the song....can't remember it

8) Koi no Nukegara
Their Debut song. It's upbeat, catchy but rubbish. Doesn't really catch my attention. It's one of those songs that you'd skip when the intro starts.

7) Ajisai Ai Ai Monogatari
Starts with a ballad but turns into an nice upbeat traditional song. the PV feels like it's made to promote a film.

6) Aisu Kuriimu to My Purin
aka The Playboy Bunny Song. The first song i heard from them. If this was the song that got my interest, than it was their debut that turned me off. It's wrong in every possible way but kinda works with the exception of Charmy's hair colour. It's a very cheeky song.

5) Hitorijime
aka The Love Me Video Song. Sounds recycled but can't remember what H!P song it reminds me of.

4) Kacchoii ze! JAPAN
aka The Worchip Charmy Video Song. Catchy, Love the costumes, Has a great hook (Kacchoii ze!, Kacchoii ze!) i guess that's the thing that has this song so high up cos otherwise it would have been lower down.

3) Nanni mo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU

Their last song and it's a shame cos these last three songs were their best. It's a beautiful ballad but it is a shame that knowing that it is their last song, made it so sad.

2) Jaja Uma Paradise

aka The Sexy Song. Hardly any clothes, catchy lyrics, completely centered around Charmy and Yui. Only down side it that funky bit in the middle.

1) Koisuru Angel Heart

Kept thinking about Buono! throughout the whole of this song. Now why couldn't they have something like this from the start?

Now as for Zoku V-U-Den......


Stick to your day jobs loves i.e YOUR OWN BLOODY GROUPS. (Only time i have anything bad to say about Junjun)

I've added my old post with my first load of single rankings for C-ute, Guardians 4, S/mileage and Shugo Chara Egg if you want to see them (Cos i really CBA to redo them again)

Poll Results

It was a tie
And i don't really like ties so, NEW POLL

Due to the Tie in the Last Poll...

Linlin or Kanon

And a quick update
I am still trying to rank MM and BK songs but i keep getting distracted but random songs like Uwaki no Honey Pie and Goodbye Natsuo keep interferring with that plan. on a positive note, I have ranked V-U-Den's songs and lost the file that had them ranked, One of the few new files that i didn't back-up. But my overall feeling for that group is....Sexy girls, Crap songs. and Zoku V-U-Den don't do it for me either. Maybe thats because it consisted of 2 of my least favourite members. Anyway...... Please vote on the poll, i really, REALLY don't like ties.

Song Rankings - Country Musume

I Know, Wrong Musume to be ranking next but i got distracted but this

So being me, i found out who sang it, downloaded it and now i'm ranking all their songs.

So i'll start with my least favourite.

11) Yuki Geshiki
Don't know i just don't like it. It might be because i couldn't find a video for it and listened to the live version but it's just not my thing.

10) Koi ga Sutei no Kisetsu
Again, not my thing but it's a good ballad

9) Hokkaido Shalala
Another Ballad but these last three songs have a country feel to them (obviously) but i'm not country, never have been never will be (Even if i'm planning on moving to the country - well Nottingham is country compared to London)

8)Hajimete no Happy Birthday
The first from the Country and Morning Musume line up. Nothing special. Can't really remember it now but i do know that i liked it better to get this far.

7) Koibito wa Kokoro no Ovendan
Videos can have either a positive or negitive effect on songs......the PV has a positive effect but the song sucks.

6) Futari no Hokkaido
It's so sad that we will never get to see this song performed by the members in this video. Country's debut, Kobayashi Azusa's first and last single and unfortunately Hiromi Yanggihara's as well. May she rest in peace. I guess this song scored high with me because of the tragic story behind it's release.

5) Bye Bye Saigo no Yoru
Pink......... But i like the song

4) Iroppoi Onna Sexy Baby
I like this song a lot, it has a good beat but why a pink background in the PV? horrible

Before i get to the last three, just thought i'd mention that out off all the different incarnations of this groug, it had to be that their last songs where the best.

3) Shining Itoshiki Anata
Has a 50's feel to it. PV is interesting

2) Senpai - Love again-
I Love this ballad it's beautiful and the PV is so cute, it fits the song

1) Uwaki no Honey Pie
I LOVE THIS SONG. It's cute, funny has a funny dance, parts of the PV makes me laugh but overall i can not stand the PV, But I LOVE THIS SONG.

You know how H!P are reviving old groups? well i don't think that they can with this one as there is not 1 single girl, both full members and Eggs, who is from Hokkaido. Yeah i know that out of the 6 full time members of the group, only 3 were from there, but that was the whole point of the group, that they were country girls from HOKKAIDO. So why the hell was Charmy placed int there? Oh well.

Saturday, 17 April 2010


I was just writing a comment on Hello! Blog about my poll and that i have an updated post about my results when i found an extremly horrible comment on my old blog.

These polls are designed to allow fans to show their opinions. So i'm extremly shock to find out that some random twat has decided to say "fuck u 4 putting reina last...fuck u!!!!" Well i'm sorry that i just don't like Reina and i'm sorry that MY OPINION offends you but this is MY OPINION not yours and if that person was willing to tell me who they were, we could of had a small dissucsion about why i put Renia last and get them to try to change my mind (I'm a libra so i kinda have to hear both sides of a stroy before i can change my mind but i'm also completely stubborn being an unemployed female from the "ghetto" so my mind isn't easily changed) but alas, they are a complete and utter coward and there is no way in hell that i'd wanna F*** them. Me and my ex have this thing about saying F*** you (for obvious reason) and have managed to get our close mates to stop using that we do not say stuff like that. we say " go F*** yourself" instead.


[sorry for the bad language]

Poll Winner's Picspam

Friday, 16 April 2010


C-ute has a new blog and their PV for Campus Life has come out.

Not much there for the blog as yet as they have only just opened it. But hopefully all members have a chance to post something soon (and heres hoping that Airi might say something about what Buono! is up to)

Now as for their PV.....

It reminds me of Shouganai Yume Oibito......

......only forgetable. I'm sorry but i just can't remember anything from either the video or the song, And i'm good at watching both the T.V and Youtube at the same time (Was watching Greys Anatomy and i remember the whole episode but not the PV)

It's a shame really cos i think it's one of their most equal songs yet. i think they need to get the songs that S/mileage, Berryz and even Manoeri are getting.

When i first looked into C-ute, they seemed to be the younger version of Berryz, the group taking the risk to be more mature than they are physically. But it seems that they are being missed managed and sorely lacking the songs that can show off how good they really are. I know that there was a time when C-ute was topping Berryz, but after the mass graduations anad the stream of mediocre singles (Shock was a good come back from Everyday rubbish, aside from the one sided line distrubution)they seem to be declining.

I heard of once that C-ute had the better singers whereas Berrys had the better dancers (minus Risako), and to a point, that's kinda true, but this group can't rest on the greatness of Airi's singing ablities, Maimi's dancing ablities, Saki's big smile, Chisato's coolness and maimai's growth to carry on. UFA really need to get that huge pole thats currently stuck up it's arse and look clearly at what the J-pop fans like to hear instead of reliing on their past successes. I guess this can be the same with Morning Musume. If they want to beat AKB and co to the top of the charts, they need to change the way they are currently thinking and stop producing forgetable songs that won't stay in the top 10.

Sorry for the rant but i really want to like this group.

Thursday, 15 April 2010



As you all know, my laptop got hacked into the other day. So main reason why i've got this new one is because i'm going to delete my originnal google account as some of my friends have received emails from my containing virus and i'm not one to endanger my friends.
i'll post my results from my last polls as soon as i've gotten every thing in order. It should be within the next couple of days.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Update and Poll Results

First off, Thank you everyone for your support. I've managed to find a way to save all my posts from my other blog and bring them to this one. I'm not deleting that one yet as while i was reading Hello! Blog, they've posted a link to my rankings there so i don't really want to stop others from getting in a "This blog does not exist" when they could follow the link to this one.


As you can guess, Chii won with 4 votes, Chisato was second with 2 votes and both Eri and Mano came joint last with 1 vote each.
So Congratulations Chii.

Now as for the "Should Risako be allowed to sing high notes when she can not sing them live?" poll, I'm sorry to say that it was a landslide decision for.....
1 Vote for yes and 1 vote for "Don't even like berrys so why the hell should i care!".

So heres the reassons why she should not be allowed to sing high notes

Skip to 4mins

I think my point is made.

New poll.

Same again, Vote for who you want a picspam on.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Picspam Poll Winner

Now some Pics that i really like (No admitiontion that i like the girl. She's still low ranking)

And does this pic remind any one of someone?

Sorry. Had to have a random Momoworld in here somewhere. She hasn't appeared lately