Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Poll Results

It was a tie
And i don't really like ties so, NEW POLL

Due to the Tie in the Last Poll...

Linlin or Kanon

And a quick update
I am still trying to rank MM and BK songs but i keep getting distracted but random songs like Uwaki no Honey Pie and Goodbye Natsuo keep interferring with that plan. on a positive note, I have ranked V-U-Den's songs and lost the file that had them ranked, One of the few new files that i didn't back-up. But my overall feeling for that group is....Sexy girls, Crap songs. and Zoku V-U-Den don't do it for me either. Maybe thats because it consisted of 2 of my least favourite members. Anyway...... Please vote on the poll, i really, REALLY don't like ties.

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