Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Song Rankings - Country Musume

I Know, Wrong Musume to be ranking next but i got distracted but this

So being me, i found out who sang it, downloaded it and now i'm ranking all their songs.

So i'll start with my least favourite.

11) Yuki Geshiki
Don't know i just don't like it. It might be because i couldn't find a video for it and listened to the live version but it's just not my thing.

10) Koi ga Sutei no Kisetsu
Again, not my thing but it's a good ballad

9) Hokkaido Shalala
Another Ballad but these last three songs have a country feel to them (obviously) but i'm not country, never have been never will be (Even if i'm planning on moving to the country - well Nottingham is country compared to London)

8)Hajimete no Happy Birthday
The first from the Country and Morning Musume line up. Nothing special. Can't really remember it now but i do know that i liked it better to get this far.

7) Koibito wa Kokoro no Ovendan
Videos can have either a positive or negitive effect on songs......the PV has a positive effect but the song sucks.

6) Futari no Hokkaido
It's so sad that we will never get to see this song performed by the members in this video. Country's debut, Kobayashi Azusa's first and last single and unfortunately Hiromi Yanggihara's as well. May she rest in peace. I guess this song scored high with me because of the tragic story behind it's release.

5) Bye Bye Saigo no Yoru
Pink......... But i like the song

4) Iroppoi Onna Sexy Baby
I like this song a lot, it has a good beat but why a pink background in the PV? horrible

Before i get to the last three, just thought i'd mention that out off all the different incarnations of this groug, it had to be that their last songs where the best.

3) Shining Itoshiki Anata
Has a 50's feel to it. PV is interesting

2) Senpai - Love again-
I Love this ballad it's beautiful and the PV is so cute, it fits the song

1) Uwaki no Honey Pie
I LOVE THIS SONG. It's cute, funny has a funny dance, parts of the PV makes me laugh but overall i can not stand the PV, But I LOVE THIS SONG.

You know how H!P are reviving old groups? well i don't think that they can with this one as there is not 1 single girl, both full members and Eggs, who is from Hokkaido. Yeah i know that out of the 6 full time members of the group, only 3 were from there, but that was the whole point of the group, that they were country girls from HOKKAIDO. So why the hell was Charmy placed int there? Oh well.

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