Friday, 16 April 2010


C-ute has a new blog and their PV for Campus Life has come out.

Not much there for the blog as yet as they have only just opened it. But hopefully all members have a chance to post something soon (and heres hoping that Airi might say something about what Buono! is up to)

Now as for their PV.....

It reminds me of Shouganai Yume Oibito......

......only forgetable. I'm sorry but i just can't remember anything from either the video or the song, And i'm good at watching both the T.V and Youtube at the same time (Was watching Greys Anatomy and i remember the whole episode but not the PV)

It's a shame really cos i think it's one of their most equal songs yet. i think they need to get the songs that S/mileage, Berryz and even Manoeri are getting.

When i first looked into C-ute, they seemed to be the younger version of Berryz, the group taking the risk to be more mature than they are physically. But it seems that they are being missed managed and sorely lacking the songs that can show off how good they really are. I know that there was a time when C-ute was topping Berryz, but after the mass graduations anad the stream of mediocre singles (Shock was a good come back from Everyday rubbish, aside from the one sided line distrubution)they seem to be declining.

I heard of once that C-ute had the better singers whereas Berrys had the better dancers (minus Risako), and to a point, that's kinda true, but this group can't rest on the greatness of Airi's singing ablities, Maimi's dancing ablities, Saki's big smile, Chisato's coolness and maimai's growth to carry on. UFA really need to get that huge pole thats currently stuck up it's arse and look clearly at what the J-pop fans like to hear instead of reliing on their past successes. I guess this can be the same with Morning Musume. If they want to beat AKB and co to the top of the charts, they need to change the way they are currently thinking and stop producing forgetable songs that won't stay in the top 10.

Sorry for the rant but i really want to like this group.

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