Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Single Rankings - V-U-Den

I think that the only reason why this group was formed was because of the "success" of Country Musume ni Ishikawa Rika. Think about it, She's ALWAYS in the center and She has the lead in EVERY song

Bring on the Sexy Ladies with the Crappy songs.

10) Kurenai no Kisetsu
WTF!!!!!!! It's the only song not completely centered around Charmy but it was also the only song i tuned out of after 1.54. i think i gave it 1.50 more than it deserved.

9) Issai Gassai Anata ni A-Ge-Ru
Another WTF!!!!!! The PV made me think or Berryz Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND, i think it was the Microphones but 1 thing was bothering me though out the PV. Why was Charmy the only one with her butt showing? I know she has a nice one but still, don't the other girls have nice bums as well? and Yeah i don't like the song....can't remember it

8) Koi no Nukegara
Their Debut song. It's upbeat, catchy but rubbish. Doesn't really catch my attention. It's one of those songs that you'd skip when the intro starts.

7) Ajisai Ai Ai Monogatari
Starts with a ballad but turns into an nice upbeat traditional song. the PV feels like it's made to promote a film.

6) Aisu Kuriimu to My Purin
aka The Playboy Bunny Song. The first song i heard from them. If this was the song that got my interest, than it was their debut that turned me off. It's wrong in every possible way but kinda works with the exception of Charmy's hair colour. It's a very cheeky song.

5) Hitorijime
aka The Love Me Video Song. Sounds recycled but can't remember what H!P song it reminds me of.

4) Kacchoii ze! JAPAN
aka The Worchip Charmy Video Song. Catchy, Love the costumes, Has a great hook (Kacchoii ze!, Kacchoii ze!) i guess that's the thing that has this song so high up cos otherwise it would have been lower down.

3) Nanni mo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU

Their last song and it's a shame cos these last three songs were their best. It's a beautiful ballad but it is a shame that knowing that it is their last song, made it so sad.

2) Jaja Uma Paradise

aka The Sexy Song. Hardly any clothes, catchy lyrics, completely centered around Charmy and Yui. Only down side it that funky bit in the middle.

1) Koisuru Angel Heart

Kept thinking about Buono! throughout the whole of this song. Now why couldn't they have something like this from the start?

Now as for Zoku V-U-Den......


Stick to your day jobs loves i.e YOUR OWN BLOODY GROUPS. (Only time i have anything bad to say about Junjun)

I've added my old post with my first load of single rankings for C-ute, Guardians 4, S/mileage and Shugo Chara Egg if you want to see them (Cos i really CBA to redo them again)

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