Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Update and Poll Results

First off, Thank you everyone for your support. I've managed to find a way to save all my posts from my other blog and bring them to this one. I'm not deleting that one yet as while i was reading Hello! Blog, they've posted a link to my rankings there so i don't really want to stop others from getting in a "This blog does not exist" when they could follow the link to this one.


As you can guess, Chii won with 4 votes, Chisato was second with 2 votes and both Eri and Mano came joint last with 1 vote each.
So Congratulations Chii.

Now as for the "Should Risako be allowed to sing high notes when she can not sing them live?" poll, I'm sorry to say that it was a landslide decision for.....
1 Vote for yes and 1 vote for "Don't even like berrys so why the hell should i care!".

So heres the reassons why she should not be allowed to sing high notes

Skip to 4mins

I think my point is made.

New poll.

Same again, Vote for who you want a picspam on.

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