If there is a member wou would like me to do a picspam on  between now and whenever i decide to restart my Picspam polls, Please leave a message here.

In the mean time, Here is a list of members who i have already done.

*Note: Members with a * after their name have already won a poll recently. and members with a * before their name had a birthday picspam (and yes i did forget to do them on their actual birthday hence why i'm doing them now.)

**Note: Any Post dated before 14th April 2010 was posted on Projects My Hello Views, my first H!P Blog that was deleted due to a hacking incident.

*Airi Suzuki

Qian Lin/Linlin*

*Risako Sugaya

Chinami Tokunaga - Poll Winner and Birthday

*Mano Erina

Mai Hagiwara

 Aika Mitsui*

Chisato Okai - Has 7 Days worth of Picspams and a birthday spam. Days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

*Asami Konno

*Irori Maeda

*Erika Umeda

*Yuu Kikkawa

*Asuna Okai

*Hitomi Yoshizawa

Tsugunaga Momoko*

Niigaki Risa*

*Nakazawa Yuko

*Sudo Maasa

Michishige Sayumi - Picspams 1, 2 and Birthday

*Kusumi Koharu

*Wada Ayaka

*Kumai Yurina

*Natsuyaki Miyabi

*Takahashi Ai