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My Name is Shakira (no i was not named after the singer, but after the actress Shakira Cain, Michael Cain's wife) but my nick name is Kira.

I'm 24 years old (at time of writing this, it your reading this after this date 16 october 2010 than i've (*sobs*) turned 25) i live in London, England and i'm currently trying to get a job.

My dream job is to design and make costumes for big Westend and Broadway shows one day.

WARNING: Long story ahead: WARNING: Long story ahead

How i got into Hello! Project was all thanks to Youtube. You know how they have this recommondations thingy when you sign in? well it was on there that i saw a video for Koi no Jubaku by Berryz Koubou. but i think i should start at the beginning.

I first got into Anime when i was about 14 with Sailor Moon, that was when Fox Kids wasn't Jetix or as it's now known by Disney XD. I managed to watch every episode but i felt that there was more to that Anime than what Fox Kids wasn't allowing it's viewers to see. So i researched on th net and found out that it originally came from Japan. I knew next to mothing about Japan and this thing called Anime that i started to look deeper into it.

About this time i started getting into Digimon and thought "it looks like Pokemon" (i still didn't make the link that Pokemon was an Anime, yeah, i know, i'm slow) so again, i researched it to death and (finially) realised that Digimon came first!!!!

So my obsession with anime continued, i started downloading music to various animes that i liked the sound of till i started haveing a job, which was the offical end of my life as Shakira the crazy child who knows way too much about random crap to Shakira the crazy child that watches way to many cartoons for a 16 yr old. I used to go to HMV every saturday before and/or after my drama/singing/dancing/piano classes and spend my EMA/work/pocket money on anime DVD's. till this day i still have a loads od DVD's that i don't watch only because i'm like an elephant, i hever forget.

So back on to H!P.

I found a channel that had an 6 hour anime slot and the first show was Bleach. By this time, i had started uni and wasn't living at home so i had towait till i had like a week off to watch the show. That was in 2007. Due to some bad times in my family, i had to drop out of uni. But my anime obession continued, it kept me sane while trying to go throught the maze that is Job Seekers Allowence (i never want to go on back to that place again for as long as i live). so it wasn't untill the end of 2008 when i finally caught up to Japan with Bleach....with the help of Youtube.

Because of Bleach, i was also looking up the music that was used as opening and ending themes which was when, around february 2009, i found this funny little video with these kids in it. I when i first started listening to is i thought that it was a bit rubbish at first and was about to go to another page when this funny looking girl started singing. Her voice was sooo werid that it made me wonder why she was singing completely different to the other that made me listen to the song fully.

I was so enchanted but that one girl, that i started looking into the group more (mainly using Wikipedia). While looking into this group that i found out her name.

It was Momoko Tsugunaga.

And that is where my life as i knew it changed forever.

I sometimes ask myself "if only i hadn't learnt her name", "if only i had never been enchanted by the bright colours of their costumes" so many "if onlys" come to my mind but i'm glad that it's happened.

So it was while i was looking through Berryz Koubou's PV's that i saw this video od a girl dancing to a song, it was interesting but i wasn't interested in watching a random girl dance. but in the side bar it had a link to the somgone for Morning Musume. It was Do it! Now and i love that song. i loved the (colourful) costumes but what made me look into them more where these three girls. One had lips that, to me, didn't belong to a japanese girl, the next one had such a cute voice and her cute face peeping around the corner made me want to know her even more. finaly the last one made me think "how old ARE you?" she looked the youngest out of all the girls in the video what with her pig tails that i just had to look them up.

That was the birth of me liking Morning Musume.

I found it EXTREMELY difficult to identifiy each member of MM as there was/are so many of them. At one point, i was calling Gaki Aika because Google Image Search kept coming up with pictures of Aika in stead of Gaki even though i put Niigaki Risa. strange huh?

I started looking at mor PV's from H!P and found this PV with this one girl in it that had sunglasses on. she was the smallest but i never really wanted to learn more about them. not until i saw Tokaikko Junjō, then i wanted to know exactly how old this little girl in the blue was. she was dancing so sexily that i was actually ashamed to watch the video. I later learned that She was 10 and that the majority of the group were under the age of 16, to me that was like Pedo Heaven.

So as time went on, i learned that there were other groups assoiated with H!P but i just didn't like the songs recommanded to my so i've been just ignoring them till i find the time to listen to them.

My Favourite Group: Berryz Koubou
My Favourite Member: I have Three, Saki Shimizu, Linlin and Yuuka Maeda
My Favourite Song: Koi no Jubaku and Do It! Now
Group I Dislike: Don't really have a group i dislike the most but i'm not really into C-ute
Member I Dislike: Reina Tanaka (she looks like she's a bully)
Song I Dislike: Ookina ai de Motenashite i.e The Shit Song

I hope that this was interesting to read (yeah i know it's long but i like to know how people got into H!P so i figured that everyone else would like to know how i got involved in the whole Idol culture) Please read my posts and comment and please read the bolgs that i have linked to.

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