Friday, 21 January 2011

New videos

She's SOOOOOOOOOOOO Cute. And so's her little brother. Cuca-chan is such a talented little girl.

Ishikawa Rika is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful. Whenshe came to London last year with Yosshi during their Hangry and Angry tour, she took me breath away. She was more beautiful in person than in her pics. So getting this PB (after i've finished getting my spending money for my family holiday)

Version A

Version B

Tsunku, you write beautiful songs but i still can't forgive you for writing Seishun Collection. The only difference with the 2 videos is that Ver B has a little bit of story at the end.

PV's i've missed

Only hing about this song i don't like (aside from Mano's weak vocals) is that rap/cheer crap in the middle. it ruins the song. Other wise her best yet. She has more energy in this song than she did in her last one.

This is a bit old but it came out before the full ver of the PV came out. Bless her, she tried to do a Chisa and not many people noticed.



Give her props, She sung it live considering how much they used autotune. Didn't think that they would make her sing it live. An obvious NO# 1 come next week. Sorry Mano. (Both singles are released on the 26th)


  1. "Tsunku, you write beautiful songs but i still can't forgive you for writing Seishun Collection."

    xDDD you didn´t like that song ?

    i haven´t still listened "Seishun no serenade" O.o, i´ll take the chance now................

  2. Yes, I agree with the mano erina comment, when I first heard this song, I actually loved how full her voice had become but then came that stupid bridge, which kind of ruins this song for me...