Monday, 10 January 2011

Another Blow

I turn on my computer.

Wait for that little funny internet icon to say that it’s connected.

Check my emails.

Go on to H!O and

Takahashi Ai
Leader of Morning Musume, Leader of Hello! Project, is graduating in the auturn Morning Musume concert.


Was all i could think.

Yes, i was expecting her to announce that she was to graduate, but not this soon. Not so soon after Eri and JunLin's graduation and definately not 7 days after 9th Gen was announced.

Personally, i think that she (and the higher ups in H!P/UFA) should have waited till around MM's spring tour just so that it doesn't overshadow the attention that 9th gen is bringing to H!P at the moment.

And as for who is o be Sub-Leader, On offence to Reina fans but she can wait her turn. Leader and Sub-leader of MM has always been in this order
  • Oldest Generation
  • Oldest Member of said Generation
So by going in that order
  1. 1st Gen - Leader Nakazawa Yuko, Sub-leader Ishiguro Aya
  2. 1st Gen - Leader Nakazawa Yuko, Sub-leader Iida Kaori
  3. 1st Gen - Leader Iida Kaori, Sub-leader Abe Natsumi
  4. 1st Gen - Leader Iida Kaori, Sub-leader 2nd Gen Yasuda Kei
  5. 1st Gen - Leader Iida Kaori, Sub-leader 2nd Gen Yaguchi Mari
  6. 2nd Gen - Leader Yaguchi Mari, Sub-leader 4th Gen Yoshizawa Hitomi
  7. 4th Gen - Leader Yoshizawa Hitomi, Sub leader 6th Gen Fujimoto Miki
  8. 6th Gen - Leader Fujimoto Miki, Sub-leader 5th Gen Takahashi Ai
  9. 5th Gen - Leader Takahashi Ai, Sub-leader Niigaki Risa
With the exception of Fujimoto, who joined H!P with the 4th generation, it has always gone in order od generation than age. So whether or not Reina is more qualified to be sub-leader, Sayu is older by 4 months and is more intitled to position as sub-leader than Reina is.

This month/year hasn't even reached it's third week yet and already H!P is keeping the buzz going. How this plays out is anyones guess.


  1. tsunuku is on drugs for sure
    eri/junjun/linlin just grad last month and now he wants to kick ai-chan from MM!!!! AND FOR A LAME
    WHOS NEXT RISSA (plz no)

  2. Yes, this is really a huge commotion.
    Honestly, I can't sleep last night thinking about this.
    Everything's going too fast.
    Way, way, too fast.

    And, lol.
    I'm waiting for Reina to become the leader.
    Maybe Sayu will be like Umeda Erika? >:D