Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New Favourite

I've found a new favourite in AKB. And no, Aminyan hasn't been replaced, I just found someone else that interest me.

Oku Manami, Maachan, The youngest member of AKB.

From what i understand, she's been in AKB since Team K formed at 10 years old?!?!?! sorry but why is it that Matsui J is being hyped up for being 11 when this girl was doing it when she was 10?

Anyway, She's the 3rd member to to have a solo release

it's a very beautiful song and she has a cute but beautiful voice with potential to improve greatly, i think.

Well lets just say that now i have 2 AKB members that i will support from now on.


  1. I adore her too. She has been a member for awhile and she hasn't gotten a big enough response from the fans. Matsui was promoted a lot to promote SKE and because she is an ace. Oku wasn't very popular in the beginning because she stared oddly, but I thought it was cute. She probably isn't going to be promoted anytime soon considering she isn't thin, but Akimoto likes her (calls her a secret weapon).

  2. She's a normal girl. I don't really like it when the girls lose a lot of weight cos 9/10 it looks bad. and plus, italians LOVE their food. She's soooooooooooooooo cute and it seams that i have a thing doe girls with big eyes.

  3. She has already said in her blog she is dieting :( But i have hope her parents (and big sis mariko lol) won't let her get to thin. In my opinion she is super cute the way she is now :)

    It's nice to see another maachan fan :D