Tuesday, 11 January 2011


I need help trying to reconise who's who.

I've been trying to get through AKB48 Himawari-gumi 2nd stage Yume wo shinaseru wake ni ikanai. I've kinda gotten stuck on one song, Confession, so being me, i decided to look at all the various performances of this song. I kinda reconised the original 4, Yuko O, Mariko S, Tomomi I and Sayaka A (yeah, didn't realise that there was more than one Mariko, Yuko and Sayaka in AKB till yeaserday), a version with Amina S instead of Yuko O, the 4th vid i watched, i could only reconise Yuko O and Tomomi I, i don't know who the other 2 are and in the comments below the vid, someone said that it was Amina, Sayaka, Tomomi and Mariko whic is bull cos like i said, Yuko was in it and i reconise Mariko and Sayaka and it wasn't them.

Here's the vid of that performance

The next vid i saw, i got completely lost. I have no idea who the hell these girls are

I would be greatful for some help with this. I'm really trying to learn about AKB.


  1. Top Vid: Itano Tomomi (Tomochin), Oshima Yuko, Ohori Megumi (Meetan <3), Nakata Chisato (Chiichan)

    In the bottom vid: Those are the Rapappa UG from Majisuka Gakuen, AKA Katayama Haruka (Haachan), Tanabe Miku (Tanamin), Yonezawa Rumi (Yonechan) and Nakaya Sayaka (Nakayan)

  2. Himawari-gumi has two set casts (just as a side note. . . Amina is part of the second group for that unit). This was part of the Majisuka Gakuen section of a concert, so this is a shuffle (based on their characters).

    Long Black Hair: Katayama Haruka (old Team B, now Team A)
    Glasses: Sayaka Nakaya (old Team B, now Team A)
    Long Curly Hair (Hottie : 3): Rumi Yonezawa (old Team B, now Team K)
    Short hair: Miku Tanabe (old Team B, now Team K)

  3. Oh the '4th vid?' the girl with the long, dark brown hair is Meetan. She is the most popular member of SDN48 now. She was an original member of Team K. Now the other girl (cutie!) is Chisato Nakata (Team A).

  4. Sorry, I keep on finding new things to comment on:
    Meetan was also a member of this unit, but second cast.

  5. First video:
    In order of singing:
    Oshima Yuko
    Itano Tomomi
    Ohori Megumi (graduated)
    Nakata Chisato

    Second video
    in order of singing:
    Katayama Haruka
    Nakaya Sayaka
    Yonezawa Rumi
    Tanabe Miku

  6. 1st vid:
    * Nakata (0:41)
    I have found information that the 4th performer was the ex-member Ohori (0:58, no proper close-ups).

    2nd vid:
    * Nakaya (0:28, 1:43)
    * Yonezawa (0:34, 2:03)
    * Tanabe (0:38, 2:06)
    * Katayama (0:56, 1:49)

  7. thank you everyone for your help.